Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can I get a vacation from my vacation?

Last week we went on our first family vacation. We traveled 5 hours up to a resort in the mountains of central PA that my mom had booked through her timeshare. My mom, her best friend Susie and my brother and his girlfriend were also on the trip. I thought this would make a great first vacation since we would have some extra hands to not only help with the baby but allow Kristian and I to get a bit of a break.
Unfortunately the trip wasn't exactly as much fun or relaxing as I had hoped. As I mentioned last week Hunter was dealing with his first ear infection and while he was great during the daytime he refused to sleep at night. My mother, the saint, stayed up with him each night so that Kristian and I could get a little sleep.

In addition to that Kristian, who already suffers from chronic back and neck pain and has had two surgeries in the past, hurt his back even more in a near car accident (fortunately he just missed hitting the car that pulled out in front of him) but in the process he tensed up quickly and we think now has a pinched nerve. Since then he's been in a tremendous amount of pain that even his prescribed pain meds aren't helping with. He's going for an MRI today and depending on the outcome, may need another surgery.

So between my husband who was in constant pain and my son who wasn't feeling well it was a little rough but we tried to make the best of it. Hunter actually did great in the car which was one of my worries. He either slept or played the whole way up and on the way home was fine except for a 45 minute crying spell that finally knocked him out.

It was nice to be around family and to get away a bit and I know Hunter LOVED all the attention he got from Grandma and "Aunt" Susie so I'm glad we went. But the whole past week has drained me and I currently have a massive head cold and now I need another vacation, preferably alone, in the Caribbean, with a fruity drink and a comfy bed to I can spend hours asleep in.

Now for some pictures. I didn't do a great job at taking pictures unfortunately but I got a couple decent ones.

At dinner the first night.

There was a great view of the mountains from the restaurant.

Look at those cheeks!

Hunter with his Uncle Michael.

Uncle Michael and his gf Melissa getting some baby practice.

Hunter trying to get to second base with Melissa.
He's a boob man like his father.

Hunter and Aunt Susie at the indoor pool.

Grandma trying to teach Hunter how to swim.
I think he was getting flashbacks of the womb.

My little water baby!

Kristian and Michael making s'mores one night.

The boys fishing. They didn't have much luck though.

Kristian was able to lure in the squirrels and chipmunks with peanuts. A few got close enough for him to touch. He's our very own Dr. Doolittle.

This picture wasn't taken on vacation, it was taken on Father's Day at our friends pool but I love it and wanted to throw it in.


KatiePerk said...

I know what you mean. We were at the beach last week with fam and it was great, but Momma is tired. Of course, SS was up the first 2 nights with some sort of cough/snot combo that was terrible.
Sign me up for that Caribbean trip. I promise I will be quiet.

Stephanie said...

I hope both Hunter and Hubby are feeling better soon!!

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

hope the boys feel better soon!!! Hunter is such a cutie patootie!

Teenage Bride said...

Sorry it was not all that you hoped it would be. We are taking our first baby vacation next month.... lets hope the 7 hour car trip goes well!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Kristian, and I hope the MRI shows that he doesn't need surgery. It's terrible seeing someone you love in pain. I hope your head cold clears up soon, too!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I learned that vacations with babies aren't much of a vacation at all. At least you had some extra hands to help!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon and love those Hunter cheekies!!!!