Saturday, June 30, 2012

6 Months- 6/30/12

To my sweet Hunter-

Today you are 6 months old! Half a year! It's gone by in the blink of an eye. I've been thinking a lot lately about the day you were born. I like to ask daddy about the details of that day that I missed because I was sleeping. I ask him about your first cry and how you looked and how he reacted. When I look at pictures of you from the early days I can't believe how much you've grown and how different you look. You look more and more like a little boy rather than a baby everyday. This is such a fun age. You love to interact and play and you make us laugh everyday. We are so lucky to have you! We love you buddy.

Weight/Length- You're next checkup is on the 5th so we'll find out then but when we took you to the doctors at 5 1/2 months you weighed 19lbs14ozs so you must be well over 20 pounds by now! You are definitely a chunk!

Eating- You get three 6oz bottles while at daycare and drink a 7-8oz bottle of formula before bed and nurse in the morning, at dinnertime and usually once during the night. You still get mainly breastmilk with one or two formula bottles a day to supplement. You are also now getting one meal of solids everyday at dinnertime. You LOVE eating and have been doing so much better with the spoon. You can usually eat a whole thing of baby food (approx. 2oz). So far you've liked everything I've given you including the veggies which is funny since I had a big aversion to veggies while pregnant. You've now had- avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches, pears, apples, green beans and peas. Your favorites seem to be the bananas, apples and pears.

Sleep- The first half of the month was bad due to teething and an ear infection. There were some really rough nights during your ear infection where you would just scream and need to be held. For the past week or so you've slowly been doing better, only waking up 2 or 3 times early in the night between 8-12 and falling back asleep quickly. You typically are able to sleep from 12am-6am. We've tried a little bit of  crying it out. Sometimes you are able to put yourself back to sleep after a few minutes other times I need to come rock you back to sleep.

Clothes- You can barely fit into your 6 months clothes and are wearing more 9 month outfits and even a couple 12 month outfits. There are some fall/winter clothes that I know you won't get to wear because you are growing so darn fast, they won't fit by the time it gets cold again.

Diapers- Still in size 3 diapers and hopefully will be for a little while.

Appearance- Your hair is filling in more and more and you no longer have the old man haircut. It's still a very light brown/dark blonde and your eyes a still a pretty dark blue/grey. Your eczema cleared up when you were on the antibiotics for the ear infection, the medicine seemed to kill whatever was causing the skin issue. And your skin is still clear even now that you are no longer on the medicine. We do now have a prescription lotion for when you get flare ups but it's amazing how much better your skin looks, some of your daycare teachers didn't even recognize you. Now I love kissing your smooth cheeks even more.

Personality- You are still a really happy, smiley baby for most of the day. You are especially cheerful in the mornings. You love to play and interact with people. You are learning how to play independently and entertain yourself better and are getting more interested in toys. You only get fussy in the evenings around bedtime when you are getting tired or if you are really hungry.


-You are really starting to enjoy playing with toys more, especially anything that you can bang or chew on.
-You still love your playmat though instead of laying under it you prefer to sit up and grab at the toys are even stand and it use it to balance on.
-You like sitting in your high chair and banging toys on the tray part.
-You still love bathtime and now when you get in you will kick your feet really fast and make the water go everywhere.
-You still LOVE your jumperoo chair, you go nuts bouncing up and down in that.

-You love daycare, every morning as soon as you realize where we are you start smiling and itching to get out of your carseat.

-You like to be tickled on the feet and belly and when daddy sings made up songs to you.

-You prefer to be on your tummy now and are desperately trying to crawl.

Milestones- Lots of big firsts!!
-You said your first word! Mama!! 6/1
-You had your first ear infection (diagnosed 6/11)
-You cut your first two teeth (bottom front teeth) on 6/22
-You took your first long road trip and first family vacation to PA on 6/13
-Celebrating your first Father's Day with daddy.
-You went to the community pool for the first time and got in a floatie for the first time.
-You can now grab your bottle from me, put it in your mouth and hold it
-You can sit up on your own for about 10 seconds
-You are able to turn around and scoot backwards when on your tummy. You are so close to crawling!


Fiona aka DRMama said...

Love all of these photos... he really is turning into such a little boy! And he looks so happy! :) A lot of great firsts this month!!

KatiePerk said...

He already said Mama!? Impressive!! He is adorable!!!

Nessa said...

Wow definitely lots of big firsts! I wish Chloe started holding her bottle that early. It makes things so much easier :p

carrie1 said...

He is getting so big!! =)

AmyJean {Relentless Bride / Fry, The Baby} said...

Happy half birthday Hunter! Loving how handsomely you are growing! Before we know it, you will be walking! Love his smile!