Thursday, March 1, 2012

Two Months

Since February doesn't have a 30th I'm posting Hunter's two month update on March 1. 

My Sweet Hunter,

You are two months old now! I still cannot get over how fast time is flying and how much bigger you get everyday. Every morning I wake up to your sweet smiles and it is by far the best way to start each day. This past month has been full of changes and milestones and we get so excited to see you grow and change each day. Mommy had to go back to work this month which meant that you started daycare! It was so hard to leave you that first day and I cried all the way to work but I know that you are in good hands and I can already see how it's been helping with your development. I miss you so much during the day but try to make up for it each night by showering you with kisses and attention. You continue to bring so much joy into our lives and we can't wait to see all the new things you do this coming month.

 Here are some of your two month stats:

Weight/Length- We will get your most up to date weight and length at your two month check-up later today but at 7 weeks on Feb. 16th you weighed 11lbs12ozs and were 22.5 inches long. I suspect you are now well over 12 pounds!

Eating- You still LOVE to eat. You are still getting primarily breastmilk but typically get one bottle of formula a day since it's hard for mommy to keep up with your appetite. Thankfully you've been great about switching back and forth between nursing and the bottle and breastmilk and formula. You typically eat around 4ozs every three hours or so with a 5-6oz bottle right before bed. I think we may need to increase you to 5ozs soon for your daily feedings.
Sleep- Overall you've been doing better with your sleeping at night. We typically put you to bed around 9:30-10pm and you wake up around 2am to be changed and fed and fall back asleep pretty easily and then wake up again between 6-7am. A lot of times I need to actually wake you up to get you ready for daycare. Of course you still have bad nights (like last night) where you wake up every two hours! You've almost slept through the night twice so far from about 10pm-4am. Mommy liked those nights!

 Clothes- You are growing out of your clothes quickly. You've pretty much outgrown all your newborn clothes (there a still a couple things I can squeeze you into) and there are a few three month items that are even getting snug. You have long legs and some of the pants are getting a bit short. You wore your first pair of jeans last weekend and I will probably start putting shoes on you soon.

Personality- You are still a pretty chill baby except for the evenings when you will often fuss for a while. You love to be held and snuggled and don't like it when we leave you alone. You've become VERY smiley and have started to smile more when we do something funny. I can't wait to hear you actually laugh! You are not scared of strangers and don't mind other people holding you. You also are not scared of the dog or cat and when you are tired you have no problem sleeping through a lot of noise during the day. So long as you are fed and have a dry diaper you are happy.
-You started daycare on Feb. 14th at 6 weeks old
-You did your first art project at daycare
-You had your first playdate on Feb. 25th
-You moved from the bassinet in our room to your crib in the nursery on Feb. 24th
-You slept for your longest stretch (so far) from 10pm-4am
-You met your great-grandmother Jo for the first time as well as some more cousins
-You went out to your first restaurant LosTeltecos on Feb. 17th
Two Month photos

(doing your first art project at daycare, you refused to look at the camera)

We love you Hunter!!


asj said...

so sweet, he's absolutely adorable!

Kristen said...

Don't they grow up to fast?!

How is the sleeping in the crib at night going?

Heather said...

Happy two months, Hunter! He is such a sweetie pie!

Venassa said...

Aww he gets cuter everyday! I haven't managed the changeover to the crib yet. It makes me sad, but I'm planning on starting maybe tonight.

Marian said...

Two months...TWO MONTHS!! I can't believe it. Where is the time going!! But I swear, he is getting cuter by the day!!

Allie said...

Seriously could he be cuter? PS I swear he was just born!! AHHHHHHH

Nicole-Lynn said...

Look at him! He's such a big boy! What a little man. I'm loving this update and the pics!