Friday, March 30, 2012

Three Months- 3/30/12

Dear Hunter,
Today you are three months old! Three-quarters of a year! I say it every month and will continue to but time is going by so fast. You are no longer a newborn but an infant who is growing at lightening speed and I can't lie it makes me a little sad that you are no longer that teeny tiny little baby that I brought home from the hospital. However, it's so much fun watching you grow and learn and I celebrate every little milestone and new trick that you show us. I may be biased but I swear you are the smartest, cutest little guy ever. You make daddy and I laugh everyday with your infectious smile and everytime you snuggle into me my heart melts a little more. You are a mama's boy and I love it.

 Here are some of your three month stats:

Weight/Length- We don't have a monthly doctor's appointment this month so no official weight and height check but after weighing you on our home scale you weigh about 15 1/2 pounds!! You've doubled your birth weight in three months!

Eating- I'm still amazed by how much and how quickly you eat. You chug your bottles as if you are in an imaginary race, or maybe it's fear that your dog Moxie will steal it. You are now easily drinking 5 oz bottles during the day and about 6ozs before bed. You drink 3 bottles during the day while at daycare and a bottle before bed. I will nurse you when I get home from work, in the middle of the night and in the mornings. You are still doing great with nursing. It's been hard to keep up with your demand so you will often get one or two bottles of formula a day to help supplement.

Sleep- You've been doing SO much better with your sleep. You are sleeping through the night (6+ hours) more and more. We typically give you a bath and put you to bed between 9-9:30 and you will often wake up around 3am for a diaper change and to nurse and then fall back asleep again until around 6:30am. There have been a few nights when you slept until 4 or 5am! Of course we still have bad nights occasionally when you get up multiple times. Often we just give you a pacifier or re-swaddle you and you are fine. You never seem to have a problem falling asleep which is great. Once you finish your bottle you're down for the count! You will usually take 2-3 naps during the day at daycare. On the weekends you don't seem to want to nap so much. I think you just like staying awake to hang out with mommy and daddy.

 Clothes- You no longer fit into any newborn clothes and very few of your 0-3 month onesies. Even 3 month clothes have been getting snug for the past couple weeks. You seem to be more comfortable in the 3-6 month clothes and even a few 6 month items. I had to go out and buy you a bunch of warm weather clothes that would fit you right now since it's been unseasonably warm lately and I hadn't stocked up on shorts in 3-6 month sizes. We are going to start using the Size 2 diapers this weekend. I was hoping to finish using up the size 1's but they are getting too small and you keep having blowouts in them. I also bought you some shoes that actually fit your big feet since you had already outgrown the newborn size shoes I had bought by the time I put them on you.

Personality- You are still a very happy and mellow baby so long as you are fed and have a dry diaper. You do get fussy most nights between 6-8pm but the rest of the day you are in good spirits so long as you get attention. You don't like to be left alone and you prefer to be held. You are very cuddly in the morning after you first wake up. You are getting more active and like to play and simulate the funny faces we make. You are also becoming more vocal and make more cooing sounds.

-You like riding in the car and will typically fall asleep.
-You like our stroller walks in the evening and also typically fall asleep.
-You like the t.v. and will always try to turn your head to see what's on t.v. even when we have you faced in the other direction. We put on some cartoons the other day and you were fascinated!
-You LOVE bathtime. Sometimes it's the only thing that will calm you when you are being fussy.
-You like being carried in the baby bjorn
-You love to lay on the floor and kick and flail about or lay under your activity mat
-You have a love/hate relationship with your swing, somedays you love it others not so much
-You love to lay on the changing table and will just smile and coo at me when I get you dressed.
-You love to chew on your fists (I suspect you will start teeting soon)
-You love to "stand", you have very strong legs and can stand with very little support from us.

-You hate the process of being put in the carseat prior to riding in the car or stroller walks.
-You don't really enjoy having books read to you (I'm hoping this will change).
-You no longer like sleeping in your Pak N Play
-You hate to be left alone.

-You rolled over from your tummy to your back for the first time on March 3rd. You kept rolling to the right side and a few days later you rolled to the leftside. You are getting closer to rolling from your back to your belly everyday.
-You've started reaching for the toys that hang over you on your play mat
-You will now hold onto your pacifier when it's not in your mouth
-You celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day
-You have started sleeping through the night more often

Photos from the past month:

You still love your play mat and have gotten much better at grabbing the toys.

You are wearing the same shirt your daddy wore when he was a baby.

My little Pirate! Maybe you'll go to ECU one day like your mama did.

"How you doin?"  One of my favorite pictures.

Daddy, Mommy and Hunter hands

We Love You Hunter!


Heather said...

Happy 3 months, Hunter! Your little guy is such a cutie pie!

Laura said...

he is so so so so cute! Happy 3 months! I truly cannot wait till the day I am a mother, too- Your love and insight into your son's life is very inspiring, I hope I am as good a mother as you are!

Brittany said...

Oh she is so so cute! and how nice that he is a good baby!

Kristen said...

C loves the TV too, isn't it nuts how they instantly think cartoons are the best? We also love the changing table over here too...silly boys!

I can't believe Hunter is already 3 months!

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

i miss that sweet little face!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride / Fry, The Baby} said...

Wow...I love watching him grow...and so quickly! He is a handsome little fella! I'm glad y'all are doing so well, I can't wait until Annabelle is sleeping more than 5 hrs consistently! :) said...

You mention him sleeping well but what about you? you previously mentioned that you were having a hard time staying asleep you were so "alert"

The Hudack Family said...

My 3 month old is also downing 5 ounces at a time. I was thinking it was to much so glad to know he's taking the same. And I'm so happy he's sleeping more. I know sleep makes for a much happier mommy!