Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good

I'm not sure if I ever blogged about this or not but about 6 months ago we decided to give our cat Wendal to my mom. A little background...Wendal was Kristian's cat that he adopted as a kitten when he was in college. Wendal will be 14 this May and is still in pretty good health. He's a very sweet and mellow cat and we love him a lot. He was Kristian's little buddy for a long time.

After I moved into Kristian's condo with my cat Halpert we noticed that Wendal started peeing on the floor. As anyone with cats know cat pee STINKS and once it's in your carpets it's basically there for good. When we moved to the townhouse we noticed that once again Wendal was peeing on the carpet in the basement and pooping right outside his litter box. He just refused to use his litterbox anymore. We tried so many different things, using two litter boxes (one for each cat), one Big litter box, new litter, puppy pee pads on the floor and Feliway (which is a plug in that is supposed to ease anxiety) and none of it worked. We knew he was healthy so it was a behavioral issue. We figured with all the changes he had been through over the past few year with me and Halpert joining the party, moving to the townhouse, adopting our puppy Moxie and then me getting pregnant (which the vet confirmed cats can sense) he was just incredibly anxious and acting out.

We couldn't handle the stink of the cat pee on the carpets and with a baby coming knew it wasn't sanitary to have him crawling on a pee filled floor so we knew we couldn't keep Wendal any longer. Very thankfully my mother agreed to take him. She lives in a condo with wood floors so even if he peed it wouldn't ruin any carpeting and even though she has a dog and two cats of her own, they are older and calmer than the zoo we currently have with Hapert and Moxie. We joke that it's like the senior living community over there. So we gave her Wendal to see how he would do.

I'm happy to say that Wendal has adjusted great. Yes he peed on the floor a few times but my mom says she hasn't noticed him doing it anymore. He was hesitant around her other animals at first but now will cuddle up with her girl cats (or as I call them his "sister wives") and he seems much more relaxed and happy.

I had been to visit my mom and see Wendal one time since we gave him to her but Kristian hadn't gone to visit. He said it made him too sad. He misses Wendal a lot and it was easier for him to not see him.

Well this past weekend we decided to take Hunter up to my mom's so he could meet his "fur brother" and so that Kristian could see his little buddy again. We weren't sure how Wendal would react, would he be pissed and hide? Would he even remember us? Turns out that he not only remembers us but he still loves Kristian (I dont' think he ever truly loved me, he tolerated me). Kristian sat in the recliner with Wendal in his lap and Wendal laid there for a good hour, just like old times. I should point out that Wendal won't lay in my mom's or anyone else's lap. Even after we left he stayed in that chair all night even though he usually doesn't even go in that room let alone lay in the chair. I guess he wanted to stay in the same spot where his daddy was. It was really heartwarming and even though it was emotional for Kristian to see him again he now wants to go visit more often.

Below are some of the pictures we took of our visit.

Hunter meeting Wendal for the first time.

H and W

Back in his daddy's lap like old times.

Kristian with his two boys. Look how relaxed Wendal is, Hunter not so much.

Me and my favorite little guy.

The look on Hunter's face cracks me up.

Family photo

Kristian making Hunter ride Wendal like a pony. And THIS is why Wendal is much happier at my mom's house, no silly tormenting.


Heather said...

I'm so glad that Wendal found a new home and is doing better. Good for you to make the right choice for both him and yourselves. I'm definitely worried about how our cats will do once we eventually move and have a baby, since I couldn't dream of giving them up. They are like my children, and my husband jokes that I love them more than I do him. I guess things change once a "real" baby enters the picture, though.

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

awww! so sweet. I'm glad they got back together!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw that's so nice you were able to give him a good home at your moms and that he's adjusting well! How cute he recognized his daddy (your hubby) and you were able to introduce him to your little guy!

april said...

Aw, I'm glad it all worked out. It's such a heartbreaking situation. Love how W is just all stretched out on K's lap. Too cute.

Meg said...

That is fantastic that Wendal has adjusted so well because I am sure it was just as hard for you guys! He really does look happy in the pics of your guys visiting.

That is amazingly sweet of your mom to welcome him into her home--how perfect for everyone!

Meagan said...

Hunter looks so much like Kristian!