Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doctor Appt.

This morning was my monthly doctors appointment. I met with the nurse practitioner this time, the goal is to try to meet with everyone in the practice at some point. Happy to report that the appointment went well and things are looking good with the baby. The N.P. listened to the heartbeat and told me that "if you believe in the old wives tales you're in the girl range" :) She felt my belly and mentioned that I would probably need maternity pants soon. I'm hoping the Be-Bands can keep me in my regular pants for a lot longer. She also basically confirmed that the "gurgling" feeling I've been getting is the baby moving so that's really exciting.

I also had blood drawn for the Alpha Fetal Protein test which is a something they do to test the probability of certain genetic abnormalities. Initially I rejected all of the genetic tests they offered because most of them are not definitive, they can have a high risk of false positives and I didn't want to be stressed out for my whole pregnancy and since I wouldn't abort based on the results I didn't see the point. Well my doctor did say of all the tests this is one he typically recommends so I figured why not. Now I just have to keep praying the results come back okay so we don't need to do any further testing.


Kristen said...

Hoping everything goes well with your test!

I am still loving my be band, I only have one pair of maternity jeans that I have purchased so far and the rest are just regular pants with the good old band! Best investment that I have made clothes wise (much smarter than buying all new pants!)

mrs.mfc said...

Glad your appointment went well! I have my next appointment next Wednesday. Very exciting that you're feeling the baby move!! I can't wait for that :)

Anonymous said...

I love it :)
Your blog is fantastic ;)

Klaudia B.

april said...

Ugh, maternity pants never fit me right because of the size of my belly and the fact I'm miniature. I lived in dresses and skirts. However, I did have a pair of black pants, khaki pants and white pants and a pair of leggings which I lived in (and I hate leggings). I found mine at Old Navy. They were cheap and ran petite.

Sounds like everything is progressing well!

Chocolate Lover said...

Glad everything is going well!