Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrating America

We spent 4th of July Weekend (Saturday-Monday morning) at my in-laws beach house. We of course brought Moxie with us to introduce her to the beach and all her dachshund cousins. There were 5 dachshunds in total at the house- Jack and Lilly (in-laws dogs), Eddie and Bella (my sister-in-laws dogs...and yes they were named for Twilight) and Moxie.

Moxie did amazing! She fit right in with the other dogs, LOVED the sand, only had one accident in the house and wasn't scared of the fireworks. She's basically the best dog ever.

Now for the pictures:

Family photo (minus the kitties of course)

Moxie with Jack and Lilly...she looks just like a mini Jack!

Getting ready to check out the beach for the first time.

She LOVED to dig in the sand.

And she had no issues getting all sandy.

She even got her first swim lesson in. Amazing how they instinctively know how to doggie paddle.

Kristian and his dad walking the pack of dogs. You can see Moxie bringing up the rear.

We ate great BBQ and corn salad on Saturday.

And LOTS of crabs and shrimp on Sunday. I believe the boys went through 3 dozen.
There was a lot of drinking (Not by me of course!). Look at the beautiful bloody Mary. This was the first time in the past 3 months I've actually been a bit sad not being able to drink. But I plan to make up for it next year!

Moxie and I had some snuggle time.

14 Weeks pregnant. Hard to see the belly from this angle.

Please excuse my husbands Metallica shirt with the cut-off sleeves. I packed for him yet he still managed to sneak this one in. This shirt might have to "mysteriously" disappear one day.

Watching fireworks on the pier. We only got to see about 10 minutes worth before having to retreat inside and avoid the massive thunderstorm that came through on Sunday night. We sat on the screened in porch and watched the lightening show that Mother Nature provided. It was actually way cooler than the fireworks.

We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend and I'm so sad that it's over already. We kept saying how next 4th of July we'll have a 6 month old with us at the beach. Amazing!


Teenage Bride said...

So happy you had a great time. I was thinking the same thing, next year our daughter will be almost one!!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Looks like both you guys and Moxie had a great time! I also had one of the most fun and relaxing weekends I've had in a long time. I love 4th of July!

Marian said...

The picture of Moxie with the sand all over is adorable!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

lol at the shirt... my husband has plenty of those shirts that will indeed "disappear" one day! LOL

These pictures are great.. looks like you two had a nice time! The food looked so good!

Meg said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful trip! I love all the pictures, little Moxie is so cute! What do you guys have 3 dogs and 2 cats? Your little belly is so cute!

~KS said...

I love that two of the weenies were named after Twilight characters. And all the pics of you and Hubs are so adorable! That baby sure has good genes to work with!