Thursday, January 20, 2011

House Hunters Ep. 2

Last night Kristian went to check out another townhouse. I wasn't able to get off work early so he went alone and took a ton of pictures for me. This townhouse is located in the county we currently live in. I had hoped to move to the county where my job is to make my commute easier but of course it's a much more expensive area to live. So we agreed to look at the listings for the county we are currently in knowing there were only a few areas of it we would actually be willing to live. It's amazing how much more you can get for your money just 20 minutes further down the road. Larger houses that are updated and have better views.

Kristian LOVED the house. In the beginning he was very anti-townhouse for a number of reasons; they are smaller, have less yard, less privacy etc. However after seeing this place he said he not only would be happy living there but could see us living there for a long, long time.

Here's some of the highlights:

-3 bedroom
- 2 1/2 bath (with plumbing for another bath to be put in the basement)
-Huge finished basement that walks out to nice deck/patio
-TWO fireplaces (living room and basement)
-Deck off of the living room
-Wood floors in the dining room
-New carpets
-New kitchen appliances (not stainless steel but still new)
-Nice neighborhood with young families
-Good schools

And the best part which pretty much clinched it for us is that not only does it back up to woods but we have a "winter view" of the river, meaning when the leaves are off the tree you have a gorgeous view of the water. AND Kristian will be able to fish in his own backyard! You really can't beat that.

The only downside besides some basic cosmetic changes/painting/upgrades is that the kitchen is pretty small with not a lot of counter space. And since we Kristian loves to cook that could be a problem. But we think there would be ways to expand it in the future. With townhouses it's hard to find large kitchens so we can make due with it for the near future.

It's bank owned and priced right in our range and it's ready to go. Meaning if we put a contract on it and get approved we could be moving in about two months.

It's seems crazy to think after only seeing 2 houses in person (and countless others online) we might already make an offer. After all I tried on 30 wedding dresses before buying one and that was a dress I wore for ONE day! This is a house! But it has most of everything we want and seems too good to pass up. It would be a great starter home for us.

Here are some of the pictures Kristian took:

View of dining room from the living room. The dining room leads into the kitchen.

Living room with fireplace that opens to a deck.

Large basement that leads to backyard and has a fireplace.

The kitchen, pardon the funky angle.

The view from the Master bedroom. This is what we would wake up to everyday!

Our backyard

We are going back tonight so I can see it in person and then we may go ahead and start the paperwork!

So what do you think? Are we crazy for not looking at more houses?


Kristen said...

How exciting. It looks really nice!

april said...

Not crazy! I think, when it's right, you know it. Plus, if you wait, it could be the one that got away. Good luck!

Venassa said...

If you find an amazing house it makes perfect sense not to look at more. That one looks so big and gorgeous. Lack of counter space is can be really bad, but as long as you can do some work on it down the road and not have to live with it forever, I'd say the house has a lot more highlights than downfalls.

~KS said...

And you're not crazy. When you know.... you know!
How exciting!!!
And I left you an award today... since you're so awesome and all :)

Mrs. Lopez said...

It looks great and you can always remodel the kitchen!

bekapaige said...

I don't think you're crazy at all- it sounds like it has so much of what you guys are looking for!

There are so many easy fixes to the things you mentioned... I'll be thinking of you and hope that all goes smoothly if it is the one!

Brittney said...

We ended up buying one of the houses in our first ten... after looking at 30-40 more AFTER this one. Don't make our mistake. lol

PattyAnn said...

Pretty snazzy! Honestly you could look forever, for the ones that you like and you probably would find more that you DO like. But it'll always be once you find what you are looking for and are happy with it, I say just go with it.

Morgan said...

That's so exciting that you might have found the perfect place! It looks gorgeous in the photos, especially the backyard. Good luck!

Saying I do said...

How exciting! When you know it's know it. Good Luck!

Continuous Changes said...

Hi, I am a lurker and a first time commenter over here. I live in a townhouse myself, so i thought I would share. The lack of counter space and the fact that 2 people cooking at a time doesn't work really sucks, but we just installed a breakfast bar and that has made it SO MUCH better. If you want pics, let me know and I can show you what I mean.

Having a lot of stuff and living in a town home can suck because there isn't much storage, but at the end of the day, I LOVE MY HOUSE. It was the 1st and only one my boyfriend looked at and he loved it :)

Good luck!

Annie said...

When you see it you will know if it's the one :) Sounds like a really good deal. & from the pictures I think it looks great and you can always paint, change light fixutres (if needed), flooring and add your own touches!
I have a townhouse and I've changed just about everything in it.
Consider the HOA fees on top of your mortgage. HOA fees are the one thing I hate about living in my townhouse, the fees are raised every year and all they do is snow removal (always way later than they should), mow the lawn and trash and the fees are high.
I wish I could put our HOA money towards a mortgage in a house...some day ;)

Meg said...

I just wanted to say hello! I just spent the last 30 minutes flipping through your past posts, including your wedding (it was gorgeous). You and I are so alike and have many of the same beliefs, it was honestly funny "hearing" someone else saying the same things I said/thought.

Anyways, this townhouse is gorgeous. I hope you love it in person tonight. Good luck!

:) Meg

Jen said...

Kitchens were my big hang-up when we were looking at houses too, but this one doesn't look that bad! I see counter space! Plus that finished basement is amazing! I could imagine having awesome football parties and summer cookouts down there -- with the slider open of course!

I say go for it if you love it! Good luck!

Teenage Bride said...

ooooh LOVE IT!!!!! The view form your master is a lot like ours we have a small balcony where we can eat breakfast during the warmer months and look out over the water.

I say go for it!!!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

No, not at all! When you know, you just know! Love it! How exciting! Let us know what you decide to do!

My fiance and I just got word on Saturday that our offer on a short sale home was JUST excepted from the bank! We're starting our paperwork and inspections. Hoping it all goes well! We could be homeowners! eeee! :)

Marian said...

Not crazy at all...when you know its the one, you know its the one.

PS- I absolutely love the view!!