Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011, Nice to Meet You

Kristian and I had a very lovely New Years Eve, just the two of us which we both felt was the perfect way to celebrate our first New Years as a married couple. We had a few options but neither of us felt like traveling, dealing with crowded bars or spending a lot of money.

We decided to stay in, make a bunch of appetizers, have a picnic on the floor, drinks some drinks, play some games, have our own private dance party in the kitchen and living room courtesy of the 90's Hip Hop station on Pandora and be in bed by 12:15am. Party animals we may not be but we had a fantastic time. Apparently I'm a load of fun and a dancing maniac after 4 glasses of wine!

Now onto the pictures!

Toasting with our Waterford Crystal Champagne flutes from the wedding. Wine for me and Beer for him. Who says you can't drink beer out of a champagne glass. We are classy all the way!

Anyone that knows me knows that I prefer apps and desert to a main course so this was perfect for me.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are my favorite, I could have eaten the whole tray (and basically did).

Our last photo of 2010. I told K that he had Elvis hair all night. He's all fluffy sans product.

New Years smooches.

The rest of the weekend was also very nice. Kristian's BFF from Texas was in town so he came over Saturday to hang out and watch football. On Sunday we finally had Kristian's extended family Christmas gathering. I got knocked out of the first round of the Acey Duecy tournament against his uncle, however I gave him a run for his money and ultimately did better against him then Kristian did against his other uncle who he also lost to in the first round.

Now it's back to reality. I think it's time to start planning a vacation. I need something fun and relaxing to look forward too in the next few months.


Jen said...

Your NYE sounded perfect! Ours was equally low-key... except we had some couples over to partake in our Chinese-food-PJ party. :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

Sounds like you had a great low-key NYE! We mostly took it easy, though we did go out to dinner and to Old Town to check out what was going on.

Lexilooo said...

sounds like a great NYE to me! we did something similar, just had a few friends over and had some snacks. I've never been a huge NYE person anyway, so I enjoy this more than anything else, I think!

Marian said...

I wish I would have had a low key New Years... though it was pretty calm in the sense...jsut a house party, but I had a few too many sips of the champagne and my weekend was shot. Sigh. But now I'm ready for 2011...and to hit that mega millions...I could do a lot with that $290M jackpot:)

Teenage Bride said...

aww this is by far the best new years celebration I have read about. Super sweet.

We were in bed early too haha

Chocolate Lover said...

Sounds like a great new years eve! We just had a few family members over.

Venassa said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the new year.

bananas. said...

okay you guys are too cute! and i rarely say that about other couples.

wish dave and i decided to stay in too. could've avoided the next day's hangover all together...that's for sure.

happy new year!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I totally need to have a NYE like that next year.