Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday I had a routine checkup with my lady parts doctor which Kristian obviously knew about.

This morning I sent him the following text

"Hey I just got a call from my doc about my appt. yesterday. I'm pregnant!

April Fool's"

Yes I'm evil. Though in my defense I would hope he would know that when/if I ever get pregnant I won't tell him via text message.

He called me and told me that for the 2 seconds between when he read the words 'I'm pregnant' and scrolled down to see the April Fool's he started to sweat and almost shit his pants. Good to know that would be his reaction...guess I should continue with my birth control for a little while longer :)

He claimed the only reason he fell for it was because he knew I was at the doctor's yesterday so it didn't seem that far fetched. Poor thing.


KLaw said...

Oh gurl.... you're evil! loves it.

bananas. said...

Oh man! I so shoulda pulled the preggo prank on everyone. Ha! That coming from me would've been awesome.

Good one lady! K is in the clear! Hahaha!!!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

LOL Mr Fix It's april fool's joke on me today was that he called to tell me he had been assembling our programs while I was at work. I responded "You better not be!" To which he asked "Why not? I'm doing a good job punching the holes in them and stringing the ribbon through." I could only imagine what they would look like if he was actually assembling them..I'd hurt him!

Funny joke...and perfect timing with the doctor's appt yesterday :)

Jen said...

LMAO! I want to play the "I'm engaged!" card, but boyfriend seems really tense today, so I don't think he would appreciate that one. Oh well, putting it in the back pocket for next year (assuming I'm not actually engaged by next year...).

Kristin said...

Ohhhhhh dude, you are meeeeeeeean. Ah ha ha. So funny!

Mrs T said...

Sounds like you got him good!

Ela said...

You're evil, I love it!