Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Weighty Issue

Let me start by saying that I'm sure there will be at least one or two people that will read this post and probably want to punch me in the face...but I promise you this "problem" is not nearly as fun to have as you would think.

So I've always been a petite girl, I'm all of 5 feet tall (5'1 on a good day) and it wasn't until after I graduated from college that I weighed enough to be allowed to donate blood. I eat, trust me, I can pack it away with the best of them. That was actually one of the things that first attracted Kristian to me. I've just been blessed/cursed with a fast metabolism. However, my mother assures me this will not last forever---note she weighed 90 pounds on her wedding day.

Because of my petiteness (is that a word?) including my lack of boobage it's always been a challenge to find clothes and I knew going into it that when it came time to get a wedding dress it wouldn't be any easier.

I ordered a size 2 dress which was the smallest they had. When the dress arrived in December it actually fit quite well except in the boob part which was made for someone with at least C cups and the length was a tad long.

Well here's my problem, the last few months and last few weeks especially have been very stressful. And unfortunately I'm the type of person that when I'm stressed or anxious I lose my appetite and therefore lose weight. Between my first and second dress fitting I probably lost about 5 pounds which is a lot on someone my size. My seamstress is NOT happy. She's having a hard enough time taking the dress in and fixing the boob part. She told my mother last weekend that if I continue to lose weight I won't be able to fit into my dress, it will just fall off me. She can only take it in so much.

So this week I've been on a mission to gain weight since I have my next fitting this weekend. This has been my menu:

Breakfast- everything bagel with cream cheese
Lunch- McD's chicken sandwich and chocolate milkshake
Dinner- pork chops and mashed potatoes

Breakfast- same as Monday
Lunch- Chinese food
Dinner- Fettuccine Alfredo and Baked Ziti and 3 Mozzarella sticks

Breakfast- same as Monday
Lunch- Leftover pasta from Tuesday
Dinner- a Smoothie (I fell asleep early and didn't really eat dinner after we met with our DJ)

Breakfast- egg and cheese on Croissant

So you would think I would not only gain weight but be in heaven eating all this. WRONG. Not only do I not seem to be gaining weight but I feel totally disgusting. All I want right now is a nice healthy salad and some fruit. I feel like my insides are rotting. Ugh.

All I want to is to gain about 5-7 pounds and I'll be fine and my dress should fit well but I can't seem to keep weight on right now.

So while most brides try to lose weight right before the wedding I have the opposite problem. I know I know you hate me. But I swear I can't help it!

So I'm asking does anyone have any weight gaining tips that won't also make me completely flabby? I still want to look toned on the wedding day.


april said...

Snack. You can eat healthy but eat more often. Eat things with peanut butter (if you like it), granola. OMG, get the salad at Chili's with the buttermilk dressing which I think is worse than a Big Mac. You can do it, I have faith in you! Do you have double stick tape just in case as a fail safe?

I think that's why I had short sleeves and sticky for my dress (because I have no shoulders so the dress could actually slide or fall).

The metabolism definitely stops after the 30's and then I lost weight after pregnancy between nursing and being too tired to eat but gained it after I stopped nursing. Boo. I still don't weigh enough to give blood though, and I totally would.

carrie1 said...

Ehh..... I do want to punch you! j.k

What if you just drink so protein shakes with weight gainer in them?

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

First of all. I hate you. Just kidding. :)

Second of all, have you tried any weight gainers. They make shakes and protein bars that are a good source of extra calories but won't make you feel all full and disgusting.

When my friend was pregnant, her OB actually had her drinking Slim Fast shakes in addition to what she normally ate because she wasn't gaining enough weight. Seemed kind of ironic, but it worked. One shake has like 200 2 or 3 a day would be an easy, yet healthy way, to get in some extra calories.

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

You are very brave to do this post but I think you will feel relieved when you realize there are people out there with similar issues. I think you should drink stuff with lots of calories. Carnation instant breakfast with your bagel for breakfast. I was told to drink Ensure for old people when I was under weight. Plus eat carbs and protein. It doesn't have to be mcdonalds and mozerella sticks. That is probably what is making you feel greasy. You can lift weights and go on walks too.

Ela said...

Oh hon, I FEEL YOU!!!
I wish I had some weight gaining tips but all I've gained over the years has been at the back of my arms and in my tummy - not a good look for a wedding day. about those shakes but go to the gym while you're taking them so you stay toned?

I didn't try my dress between the time I picked it up and the day of my wedding...when I did I needed those mega safety pins to keep the skirt up (2 piece) it was awful. I had lost weight and I didn't even know it.]

Missed you too, muffin!

KLaw said...

Healthy snacks... good fat and calories like GUACAMOLE (avocado really, but whos going to argue) and peanuts!

Jen said...

I've never had to gain weight, but I won't want to punch you. I can sympathize with your pain.

Try strength training, lifting weights, to build muscle and tone. And eat protein! Protein bars, meat, beans, etc. That should help you put on some weight in a healthy way.

Good luck SG! Take care of yourself. Don't eat junk, keep track of your calories to make sure you're getting enough and that they are healthy calories. Treat yourself like you're pregant: you need 2000+ calories a day.

bananas. said...

yea. this post is kind of annoying.

that and the fact that your seamstress can't do her job and fit the dress! what the heez?!


<3 ya.

Jenni said...

Maybe try the protein meal replacement shakes that the male bodybuilders drink? Those are high in calories, but also high in lots of vitamins.... I'd feel sick eating lots of junk too!

Cupcake Wedding said...

um I eat like that all the time. That explains my big belly.

Try pizza. It has tons of calories. Also, the blooming onion.

meredith said...

i don't find this post annoying at all. i'm the same way you are with weight issues. i'm 5'4" and wear a 00P... 99.9% of my clothes have to be altered, hemmed, taken in, etc. it's not my thighs - i have muscular thighs and a booty, it's just my waist and upper body.

on average, i eat 3,000+ calories a day, but whenever i start losing weight, i increase that amount. my nutritionists recommends sticking in a few more calorie-heavy (but really healthy) snacks. there are these smoothies you can get that are high in protein and calories, but low in saturated fat. i would add meal replacement bars after dinner and maybe in between breakfast and lunch. meal replacement bars have lots of vitamins and nutrients and are always full of protein. you can even try shakes you can buy at the grocery store like "ensure."

you've gotta keep the weight on or your dress will fall off!!! :)

meredith said...

i'm allergic to nuts, but you should start making shakes in the morning and at night with peanut butter. that'll help, too!