Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Daze

So as many of you know this weekend the East Coast including Northern VA was hit with a MASSIVE snowstorm!! We haven't seen snow like this in over 10 years and I must say it was pretty exciting. It started snowing Friday night and kept up full force for over 24 hours. When we woke up Saturday morning there was probably a good 10 inches already piled up.

We eventually made our way outside to get a jumpstart on the shoveling and cleaning of the cars which was a good thing because we got probably another 10 inches (TWSS) on top of our newly cleaned off cars. I tried to be cute and throw a small snowball at Kristian while he was shoveling and he responded by essentially body slamming me into a snow pile which in my opinion was not a fair form of retaliation!!

We took the cat outside and tossed him into a nice snow pile. It was pretty funny watching him crawl through the snow and then race back upstairs to the condo. Between putting Christmas paraphernalia on his head and throwing him into snow, I'm convinced he's either going to try to run away or just start pissing in the corner.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around the house, eating and drinking. When the power went out for about 2 hours we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves which included Kristian trying to serenade me with his guitar, playing Backgammon, and a few rounds of 20 questions (which I basically kick ass at). It's kind of fun being forced to find other ways to amuse ourselves that don't involve the tv or internet.

Today, Kristian was a good Samaritan and drove one neighbor to the store to by diapers for his kid and then helped shovel out at least 6 neighbors cars. He's a good guy :)

As of now I'm planning to work from home tomorrow and will hopefully be able to finish my Christmas shopping sometime before Friday.

Enjoy some pictures from our weekend in the snow:


bananas. said...

that last picture of you is so cute!

i don't know how you all live like that. i love snow. i think it's beautiful but i like being able to drive when i need to. to wear cute clothes when i want to. and i'm not sure snow allows for all that. haha.

well at least you two made it a fun time. wish i could've heard that serenade ;)

nifer said...

That's what my house looked like this morning when I got up! And, your cat looks like my dog did when we threw him in the snow! Except... he had a coat on... and his tail was wagging... until he started shaking from the cold, poor thing!

So glad you guys had fun with your storm! Thankfully we didn't lose power!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I live in NoVa, and have never seen anything like it, especially being a former Cali girl!

Kym said...

awwww KITTY IN THE SNOW! hehehe! cute! we got like 2 inches of snow last week... but thats about it :( i want more snow!!!! but then again, after a day when it gets slushy and dirty, i want it to go away. haha!

april said...

aw, poor kitty! Our cat used to hate the snow. He'd shake his paws and jump back inside.

Still giggling about TWSS. :)

I'm working from home, too, but we did walk to the grocery store on Saturday during the storm. We figured it was better than being in the madness on Friday night. It was actually pretty crowded full of people who walked there. Laura hated it. I have a couple of pictures I haven't posted yet, but you got some great ones of the snow itself!

Kristin said...

Oh no. Those kitty pics are cracking me up! Sounds like you had the same weekend as my bestie/bloggy partner. She's in Maryland and her and the hubs were out shoveling every few hours. I'm jealous of your snow, but not of the shoveling. Ah ha ha

meredith said...

i seriously don't know what i would do if i ever saw that much snow!!

p.s. love your blog and i'm your newest follower! :)

Miss T said...

Your cat is so cute!