Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Review

I had a wonderful and busy Christmas weekend. It started on Thursday when I had to run to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Dollar Store, Pet Smart and Wegman's then sit in ridiculous traffic, followed by cleaning the house and wrapping presents before heading over to my future inlaws house to open presents. I/We got some great gifts including:
  • Waterford Crystal Champagne flutes for the wedding
  • Ralph Lauren pajamas
  • The Hangover DVD
  • A new purse and a new clutch
  • A memory book with pages designated to write about everything from our first date to our honeymoon. It's like a baby book but for our engagement/wedding.
  • The Twilight book series (I was SOOO excited about this and have started reading Twilight already)

Friday morning Kristian and I woke up and gave the cats their presents (toys w/ catnip) then exchanged our own gifts. He loved the the DVD I made him and has already watched it 5 times. I also gave him a calendar I made on Shutterly of the cats which he thought was hysterical and a new leather desk chair which he's been wanting but never actually asked for. He was thrilled.

He gave me some smaller items in my stocking but my main gifts were a beautiful earring/necklace set, a little adapter so that I can play my IPOD through my car stereo (I've been wanting this forever), an iTunes gift card specifically for downloading the Glee Soundtracks which I asked for but he couldn't find in the stores (I've been jamming out to Glee all day), and Heavenly perfume from Victoria Secret which is my fav.

Afterwards my mom and older brother came over and we exchanged gifts and ate lunch. Thanks to my mom and brother I got my two main gifts that I asked for which were a new digital camera and a blackberry...I finally retired my flip phone circa 2007. Now I can surf the Net on my laptop while checking my emails on my blackberry... it's a bit OOC already. HA.

Later that night we went back to his parents house to eat AGAIN and see his extended family and do the 'White Elephant' gift exchange where I ended up stealing the present I brought (tacky?) and going home with an awesome Shiastu Massage Pillow.

The last two days I've basically just laid on the couch due to the flu like symptoms that decided to invade my body on Saturday. I even had to re-schedule our visit with my other brother and my nieces today so that I don't infect them. Kristian actually left this afternoon to go on a two day hunting trip with his buddy. He offered to stay and nurse me back to health but I know he's been looking forward to this trip and it would be silly to force him to stay here to just stare at me laying on the couch. However we did have the following conversation before he left:

Him- You know where the gun is right?

Me- Yes

Him- You know what to do with it?

Me- Point and Shoot

Him- Good girl

This weekend just re-affirmed how incredibly lucky I am to not only have my own wonderful family but a whole new family to marry into. We all had the best time together.

And now for the pictures:

(Christmas Morning) (Christmas Eve- my FFIL makes amazing Hot Chocolate)
(Wearing one of K's new hats...check out Lilly in her new pink snuggie)
(Halpert loves daddy's new chair)
(My aunt knit Kristian a hunting/fisherman stocking to go with my stocking..see below)

(The Mary Jane stocking my aunt made for me when I was a baby)
(The earring/necklace set Kristian got me)
(My new best friend)
(All the great cards we received including one from Miss Mayra)

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! Less than a week left of 2009!!


meredith said...

how fun, looks like you had a great christmas! :)

1. i hope you LOVE twilight (if you haven't read all of the books yet)!

2. our christmas morning started at 7:00 a.m. and i did NOT look at pretty and put together as you and your future hubby do in your xmas morning pic!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

YAY sounds like a FABULOUS Christmas!! Welcome to club Blackberry WOOP WOOP!!!! It's addicting.

nifer said...

You are a lucky lady! Enjoy your gifts... and most of all, enjoy the gift of your growing family, which sounds so wonderful!

Lexilooo said...

love the picture of you and the cocoa. the mug you are holding is the polish pottery that I collect!

Kym said...

awww sounds like you had a great holiday! getting along with your future-in-laws is an important must ! :) love your personalized stockings too! advanced happy new year!!!!!! :)

Alicia said...

ohhhhh lady. well it sounds like you had an AMAZING christmas!! but you're in for it blackberry never leaves my side...its addicting. but its SO amazing!!

bananas. said...

You got a new phone! Yippeeeeeeeee!!! Seriously, SCORE!!!

Your christmas sounds like perfection. Love all your pictures. You look so happy :) I'm dying over the pet snuggie. I wanted to get one for my babies but uhh they're too chubby. Haha.

Hope you're feeling better hun. Hugs.

Annie said...

sounds like you had a wonderful christmas and got some awesome loot! ;) yay for a new phone!
i got my pup a little blue snuggie! ha! he actually doesn't mind wearing it either ;)

KLaw said...

Not a bad little crimmus there!

You with a gun kinda makes me worried.... I'm just sayin :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. And I feel for you with the illness thing. I had been battling my daughter's sinus and ear infection for a week come Christmas Eve and by Christmas night I had completely lost the battle and my voice as well. :( I spent the weekend after Christmas laying around in bed trying to recover and still have a sinus headache and cough :( Hopefully we both get super well super fast!

d.a.r. said...

Cute pictures!!!! If you love your BB as much as I love my iPhone, you will be totally addicted in no time :)

LiLu said...

You guys are adorable and that sounds like the most perfect Christmas ever. :-)

Kristin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! Woop woop for Waterford champagne flutes! I'm dying for some!

The Unpredictable Bride said...

Ohh I just got the exact same BB as you..LOVE IT!! Sure does come in handy with all the planning doesn't it!

Brandy said...

Wow, it's pretty scary how much we are a like. I just decided to change my layout today and made my choice. I was looking at my small amount of comments and saw that Britney made a comment. So I looked at her profile and the blogs that she followed and came across your blog and decided to click on it. When it comes up it's like looking at my own blog. Crazy! Out of all the back grounds to chose from we happen to chose the same one.

Ela said...

Bwahahahaha, I love that you went home with the present you brought, that is hilarious!
Sorry you got sick, honey. I hope you are all better now.
I'm so glad Christmas was good to you!
Love you!

Iva said...

wow look at all those fab goodies!!! looks like you had an awesome Christmas!! Happy New Year!! ;)