Tuesday, December 15, 2009


With a little over a week left until Christmas the holiday festivities have finally kicked in, not that I was complaining about the downtime. In fact this past weekend with the exception of some quick xmas shopping I basically didn’t leave the house. I was quite happy laying on the couch catching up on magazines and DVR. If someone knows where the motivation fairy is please send her my way because all I’ve been lately is lazy and completely unmotivated. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or the fact that I'm pretty much quarantined inside work during all daylight hours but all I want to do is lay around the house in my jammies.

Anywhoozle, I’ve been forced out of my hibernation this week with some fun holiday events. Last night I went with Kristian to his company holiday party at Maggiano’s which is a great Italian restaurant. I played the role of the sweet, pretty fiancĂ© while simultaneously stuffing myself full of Italian food. The Mushroom Ravioli was TDF!

Tonight we are off to see The Rockettes!! They are performing at the Patriot Center on the campus of George Mason University. Kristian’s parents are treating the whole family to the show. It should be a lot of fun, and definitely help us get into the holiday spirit.

Going out two nights in a row during the week is not something I do often or really ever so I’m really trying to rally and remind myself that I have 4 glorious days off next week to be a complete laze.


bananas. said...

Why do companies do holiday parties during the week?! That is SO not okay with me. My old fart of a body can't handle it anymore! But you..pretty little fiance, you...can :)

Mmm...mushroom rav. Yum yum yum...ANYWAY!

Bring on the holiday fun and spirit. God knows we all need it.

Marian said...

Muchroom ravioli sounds delic. Makes me want some RIGHT NOW.

I can't wait for a Christmas break. I need it like no other (though there will be lots of wedding planning in that little break).

Enjoy the festivities pretty lady


brittany said...

omg mushroom rav? YUMMMM. hang in there, the days off will be amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Rockettes in Memphis and LOVED it! Enjoy!

Kym said...

oooo the rockettes! the first time i heard about them was on cake boss but they had to make a cake of them. haha! ;P

Annie said...

the rockette is going to be so much fun!!
i can't wait for christmas break either! ;)
enjoy the rest of your week hun!

LauraLou said...

I've always wanted to see the Rockettes!! Have so much fun!

nifer said...

I love Maggiano's! yum yum delicious!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I am lazy tooooo...ughh!!!

but you are a rockstar this week! Tonight should be so fun!!

Ela said...

Lay around in jammies? Um, yes please!!!