Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sharing the News

One thing I haven't posted about yet but have been wanting to (for memory's sake) is how I/we shared the news of this pregnancy.

I had been thinking of different ways to tell Kristian if/when I got pregnant again but since I had no idea when that would actually happen it made things a bit tricky. Based on my cycle, which I had been tracking, I knew that I could test on Dec. 28 which was day 13 of my cycle and get a clear positive or negative. I was quite proud of myself for not testing sooner but with the holidays I never really had any time alone and I always prefer to test alone so that I can process the results (good or bad) by myself. So that Monday morning Kristian left for work, I had taken the week off, so after dropping Hunter off at school I came home and tested. Once I got the positive I had to quickly figure out how to tell Kristian.

Since we still had our Christmas decorations up I decided to wrap up the test in a little present box and put it in his stocking. When he came home that afternoon I was hanging out on the couch and told him that I had ordered him a Christmas present that had delivered late, I didn't tell him about it sooner because I wasn't sure when it would arrive, and it was in his stocking. He got so excited thinking I bought him something cool like a new knife or gadget. He quickly opened the box and just stared at the test for a few minutes, got tears in his eyes and said "really?!". He started crying (happy tears) and gave me a big hug and then had to take a few deep breaths. I could tell he was not only excited but relieved that it had finally worked. He told me that this would have to be our last pregnancy because I could never top the way I had just told him. He was completely surprised.

As for how we told our parents.... the weekend after we found out we were having Hunters small family birthday party that my mom, brother, sister-in-law and a couple close friends would be at our house for. Unfortunately Kristian's parents were out of town. I had quickly ordered Hunter a shirt from Amazon that said "This guy (with two arrows pointing) is getting promoted to Big Brother". Once he opened all his presents we told him he had one last gift from mommy and daddy. He opened up the shirt, and obviously had no idea what it said so Kristian read it and immediately everyone freaked out. Hunter still had no concept of what was going on and just wanted to play with his stuff.

Once his parents got back in town we went over to their house to give his dad his birthday present, since he had just had a birthday. We gave him a card that said Happy Birthday Grandpa and on the inside it was signed by Hunter and Baby P. He read it and got so excited but didn't finish reading the card out loud so my mother-in-law kept yelling "what does it say?!?!" Once they both knew they were thrilled and all the excitement began.


Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

Aww I love how you told your husband. A friend of mine did the shirt thing with her son, but not really for him since he wasn't very old. It took the family forever to catch on that it meant she was pregnant haha.

Brittney said...

Well this made me cry. Lol. Congrats again!

Brittney said...

Well this made me cry. Lol. Congrats again!

K said...

This totally made me all misty-eyed! I love everyone's reaction, especially Kristian's! Such a cute way to tell him!

Fiona said...

Aww love all of these ways you announced it to your family!! So sweet and so exciting! :)

Stephanie said...

These are all so sweet and very creative. I love hearing stories about how people share their wonderful news.