Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend Change of Plans

I mentioned last week that we would be heading to my in-laws beach house for the weekend, however on Friday night they told us that they had to head back early on Saturday because there were a few things that popped up unexpectedly that they had to take care of. No biggie, we still made the best of our weekend which actually started a bit early when I got a call from Hunter's daycare saying I had to come pick him up early due to a diaper rash issue.

*Sidenote- we've had to get him 3 times in the past month for diaper rash issues, this is a whole ranty post on it's own but let's just say I was NOT happy to have to leave work early to get him for what in my opinion was really not a problem.

We did make the best of our extra time together and after he woke up from his nap (which actually gave me time to get some work done from home) we headed to Target with daddy to stock up on some much needed (and some not needed) items.

Kristian learned a valuable lesson, you can't just "browse" the toy aisle WITH the child unless you plan to go home with a really annoying new toy. See above.
Saturday morning we headed out for some yard sailing and scored an awesome bike trailer for Hunter to ride in when Kristian goes on his bike rides. He's been wanting one for awhile so that he could actually ride his bike more often in the afternoons but they are pretty pricey. We scored one in great condition for $45! We then headed to the store to get Hunter a helmet. My big headed/big brained child needed one for ages 8+! The others were just a bit too small and this one fits more comfortably with room to grow. **It also fits me! 

He actually hates wearing the helmet and freaked out when we put it on him at home to put him in the bike trailer. Hopefully he'll get used to it soon.
Later in the day since it was so beautiful out we took Hunter to the pool. About 30 minutes after we got there our neighbors showed up with their little boy Zachary who is 2 1/2. Hunter and Zachary are BFF's and love playing together out in front of the houses. Hunter was SO excited to see his buddy, he immediately put down the snack he was eating and got back in the water on his own to go play. 

Zachary was splashing Hunter and making him crack up. Look at the smile on Hunters face.
One thing I didn't mention last week was that this past Saturday was the 5 year anniversary of Kristian and my first date! We went to our favorite sushi restaurant to celebrate and brought the best thing we've done in the past 5 years with us to dinner. 


Hunter does NOT like sushi, however he loved the Miso soup and rice.

We then headed home to watch the rest of the Redskins game, which they won! Hope they keep this up during the real season.
Wearing his RGIII jersey. He also knows how to say "Touchdown"
Sunday was a lot of laying around. I went to the pool alone during naptime (it was blissful) and we just hung out and did stuff around the house. Kristian wasn't feeling well but a few Hunter kisses helped make things better. 

So even though our plans changed we had a very nice weekend together as a family. Hopefully the weather holds up and we can make it down to the beach house this weekend for Labor Day.


KatiePerk said...

Sounds like a nice weekend even if it wasn't the original plan.Great score on the bike trailer.

Lacey Bean said...

I can't believe your daycare makes you pick up Hunter if he has diaper rash. That's insane!

The Hudack Family said...

I can’t believe how big he’s gotten. But he’s so adorable!!

Did you recently just switch to the Target brand diapers? We just bought our first box and seem to be good so far and a huge cost saving. How have you been liking them?
Also that seems crazy for daycare to send him home over a diaper rash. So frustrating. Savannah has one right now also thanks to what I think is more teething fun.

And Happy late Anniversary. Roger and I celebrate our 5 year in September and my mom’s going to be out of town so Savannah will be joining us for a fabulous evening as well :) Definitely our best blessing these past 5 years.

Shannon said...

It's always the best when last minute changes in plans turns out great. :)

Kathryn said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend anyways! Love the pics of the little guy, he's adorable!! Also can't believe you had to pick him up for a diaper rash?! That's crazy!

Fiona said...

Sounds like it turned into a really nice weekend afterall! Oh my gosh, I would be furious with the daycare... home 3 times for a diaper rash?!? That seems crazy. Way to score the bike trailer! That will be lots of fun!!

Nessa said...

You have to pick him up for a diaper rash?! That's ridiculous.

I'm glad you ended up having a fun weekend even though your plans got changed. I wish we had a nice pool nearby by they're scarce around here.

Stephanie said...

The Y has came and got me twice because Connor had a diaper rash they felt was "severe". I wanted to deck the lady... It wasn't that bad, honestly, but put some cream on it and let him play. Drives me nuts.