Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Another Wednesday means another SWW!
This week I'm saying So What if?
-I'm not ready for fall. I'm not ready for my husband to be gone all the time for hunting or for it to get dark earlier or for cold weather.
-After working here for almost 5 years I finally received an official employee handbook yesterday. We are a small company and never really needed one but because we are slowly growing they finally made an official one. I did learn that as of October (which is my 5 year anniversary here) I will now be getting 3 weeks vacation time a year.
-The President and VP of my company (who are mother and son) both bought Jaguars this past weekend and my first response was "if I don't get a Christmas bonus this year because you wanted a Jaguar I'm gonna be pissed". I was only half kidding. They assured me Christmas bonus money is already set aside.
-I spent most of yesterday afternoon unable to work because I was in shock over (happy) news I received.
-I'm tempted to check out some other daycares in the area. I do like Hunters daycare but between the new rate increases and the diaper rash issues I'm starting to think maybe we should move him.
-We bought a small potty for Hunter already even though we're really not trying to potty train him right now. We figured it was a good idea to go ahead and get the potty so he can get used to seeing it and sitting on it and not be scared of it when the time comes for the real training. As they say "baby steps".
-It took close to 10 months but we finally hung up all our pictures frames to create a new gallery wall in our dining room. It looks so much better in there, now I'm just waiting for the photos that I ordered for the frames to arrive.  
-While I think Miley's performance on the VMA's was over the top and completely trashy I don't know why parents are getting upset over their kids watching it. Anyone with any sense knows the VMA's are not appropriate for young children to watch, there is ALWAYS at least one inappropriate performance on there. Don't let your kids watch it to begin with. Miley is 20 years old, if she wants to act like a ho-bag that's her right. MTV is not family friendly programming. 


Brittney said...

Our posts are pretty similar this week! Lol

Nessa said...

If I were you I'd be checking out other daycares. The rash thing is crazy. Unless his behind is bleeding, I don't see why he needs to be sent home.
Good luck with the potty. We have a small one, plus one that sits over our actual toilet. Chloe hates the toilet one but has warmed up to the small one to the point where she wants to get naked and sit on it. Nothing's happened yet but if she wants to start potty training I'm okay with that.

Bethany said...

Eeek. I can't wait for Fall/Winter, but Texas Fall and Winter's are pretty good -- considering how hot the summers are. I'm jealous and want to move north where it's colder.

Stephanie said...

What was your exciting news? Your 3 weeks of vacation? Because if so, I'd do a happy dance over that myself!

Amanda said...

I can't wait till I get three weeks of vacation at work, hopefully within the next couple years. We have to earn it by time worked, not years of service which kind of sucks.

I also miss Christmas bonuses, yeah for working for the state!

Heather said...

I agree that MTV is not for kids. Honestly, I don't even watch those awards shows because I would rather do something else than see disgusting acts like that. It's awesome that you'll be getting more vacation time!

Shannon said...

Oh - you're a hunting widow, eh? Boo. I grew up with hunters. I get it.

Agreed about the VMAs. Just a few years back, Madonna, Britney and Christina all made out. This isn't new news, people.