Friday, December 7, 2012

The halls have been decked now we just need Santa to visit.

So here is the obligatory Christmas decoration post. I actually don't mind reading other peoples Christmas decorating posts because it will usually give me some really good ideas or just make me insanely jealous of their more Martha-like decorating abilities.

Here is the outside of the house. Since we live in a townhouse without any big trees or bushes out front we don't have much to decorate. But given that we're only one of two houses with lights on our street I think we're doing alright.
Our entry way with our advent calendar hanging on the door. Hopefully we'll get more than just two Christmas cards this year!

The pass-through from the dining room into the kitchen.
Our dining room.

We actually put our Christmas tree in our dining room because it's really the one place we have room for it. Plus it's easier to keep Hunter away from it if it's not in the living room.

Here's the tree with the lights off. Yes I realize our angel is crooked. Unfortunately our new fake tree doesn't have a good top for the angel to sit on so she keeps leaning to one side or the other.
Instead of doing a tree with just certain types or colors of ornaments we decorate using ornaments we've collected or had since childhood. I personally prefer having a tree with meaningful ornaments that bring back great memories than a department store looking tree.
This is what it looks like from our dining room looking into the living room.
Some of my favorite ornaments this year.
I ordered this ornament from Annie and just love how sparkly it is.
We got this one last year as a gift when I was pregnant. Our little snowman family.
We also got this as gift last year in honor of buying our first home together.
I ordered this one in honor of Hunters first Christmas. This is one of his newborn photos.
Here is one of our floating shelves decorated with the JOY letters we spray painted. Glitter spray paint may be my new favorite thing.
Here is the other floating shelf with my new favorite Hunter Christmas photo.
Our mantle.
I'm in love with the berry wreath we found at Michaels for 60% off. Kristian hung it using fishing line and a hook (of course) so it looks like it's floating.

We also spray painted the white NOEL letters with gold glitter spray paint. The angels on either side were my grandmothers.

The stocking on the right is the one I've had since I was a baby that my aunt made for me. When Kristian and I got married she made him the one on the left ( a camo boot) and then last year made the one for Hunter in the middle (in VA tech colors).

And here is the view from our kitchen. I just love all the lights. I always get sad when we take the decorations down and the house seems so dark again.
And here is my other FAVORITE Christmas photo of Hunter and Moxie inspecting the Christmas tree. Does it get much cuter than this??


Anonymous said...

i LOVE seeing people's christmas decorations! those ornaments are so pretty.

i'm thinking of going to our local craft/paint store and starting a tradition of letting kayla paint an ornament every year. that would be cool to see how they've evolved year after year.

Heather said...

Your place looks great! You did a lot more decorating than me.

Stephanie said...

I love how decorated your house is! We did put our tree up and some other small decorations, but we didn't go all out like we've done in the past. I enjoy seeing how others decorate too.

Stephanie said...

Your decorations and house looks so pretty!! You did a wonderful job. And I love the DIY projects you've incorporated.

And Hunter? It doesn't get much cuter!

princess apr said...

So pretty! All our decorations are kind of in one room and they don't photograph well, but my favorite is a USB decoration for my computer monitor. It's greenery with red lights and you plug it in and it looks like your monitor is surrounded by a wreath. No good photos yet, but the season is early still. Love the picture of Hunter and Moxie!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So pretty, I especially love your mantle.

Anonymous said...

Your house looks so beautiful all decorated and so cozy and festive!! I can see why you don't like taking it all down. I think I actually remember a post from you with photos of your decorations last year and thinking how nice it looked... am I right?? You did a great job. Also, love that final photo of Moxy and Hunter!!! Adorable!

- Fiona

Lauren E said...

I LOVE your house! Your decorations are gorgeous. I think the mantle is my favorite part. :) And that last pic of Hunter and Moxie with the tree is so adorable!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

Your home is so festive! I am jealous. Our little condo is only decorated with a tiny little tree. But one day we will be able to decorate like you...until then, we just have to make up for it with Christmas Cheer !!! :)