Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bathroom Renovation

I've mentioned several times over the past few months that we were/did renovate our kitchen but I've only briefly mentioned the fact that we also had our small half bathroom on the main floor also renovated.

Since it's such a small bathroom it didn't take very long to renovate, in fact we already had some of the main items, including a new toilet we bought almost two years ago when we first moved in and has been sitting in the basement ever since, a new pedastal sink we bought for $30 off Craig's List a year ago and the floor tile we got for free from when Kristian was working for a pool company two years ago. The only other things we had to buy were a new faucet, mirror, lights, towel rack and storage cabinet; all of which we got either at Lowe's or Home Depot. With everything including labor we spent less than $1000.

Since our contractor had the guys tear out the bathroom earlier than we expected I didn't get a chance to take any before pictures, however I have a photo of our bathroom that I took last year when I was pregnant. You can't see the whole thing (mainly our ugly cabinets under the sink) but it will give you some idea of where we started.

As you can sort of see, it's a very tiny, very boring little bathroom.

Here are the pictures I took after they tore everything out.

The wall where the toilet was.

The wall where the sink was.

Below are the AFTER photos. As I had mentioned our contractor took it upon himself to pick out the paint color which annoyed me. I like it well enough and think it looks good in the bathroom though I had wanted more of a light grey color instead of baby blue.

Our new toilet now has the button on the top that you push for flushing, I'm still trying to get used to this.  We hung the cabinet above the toilet so that we now have a place to put toilet paper, magazines, towels etc. With our new pedastal sink we no longer have the under the sink storage.

I just love our new sink, mirror and lights. It's much more up-to-date and clean look than before. Kristian hung the mirror and the wall cabinet by himself so there was some DIY to it. We are still trying to figure out what we want to hang on the wall artwise.

Here is the new floor with the tile that we got for free. According to Kristian who used to sell this tile, it's pretty pricey. I do like how there are so many colors that reflect off of it.

Now for some detail shots:

Kristian decided he wanted a beachy feel hence the shells.

This big shell on the floor we actually got when we were in St. Lucia on our honeymoon.

Overall, I'm very happy with the new bathroom and I'm no longer embarrassed when we have guests over that need to use it. Between this and our new kitchen I think we've also added quite a bit of value to our house as well.


Anonymous said...

Love your new bathroom!! It looks great. That is awesome that you got those tiles for free. They are my favourite part!

- Fiona

Stephanie said...

It looks great and I LOVE the tile! What an added bonus that you didn't have to pay for it too.

KatiePerk said...

It really came together! That is awesome. It is so serene!!

Kristen Lawlor said...

Looks awesome!!!

Stephanie said...

You and K have the best taste. I really like what you did with the kitchen and bathroom. And the color isn't bad. Maybe some artwork on the walls could take away from the baby blue.

Nessa said...

That tile is so pretty!
Love the new bathroom.

Heather said...

The updates look great! That tile is so pretty!

Kristen said...

looks great!

Laura said...

it looks great!!

Anonymous said...

love it!! are the walls a light grey?