Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our days

I'm always interested in reading about other people's daily schedules, especially if they have one or more kids. I know those type of posts can bore some people but I find them interesting and will often get ideas on how to better manage our schedule. I also like getting a peek into how some of these super busy mamas fit everything into their days. So in an effort to maybe help out another mama and just for my own memory sake here is a basic weekday schedule.

5:30am- Kristian's alarm goes off. Sometimes he hits snooze several times before getting out of bed (which annoys me greatly) other times he's up and out the door in 10 minutes (men have it so easy).

6:00am- my alarm goes off. Since Hunter has a tendency to wake up anywhere between 6-6:45am I try to quickly get my shower in before he wakes up. I take the baby monitor in with me so I can hear him if he wakes up and then I know to hurry it up. If he's already awake when I shower I've started letting him crawl around the bathroom and entertain himself with my hairbrush. Super mom right over here.

6-6:45am- shower and get dressed, on a good day Hunter will still be asleep so I can do this in peace. Otherwise I have to keep one eye on him crawling around and getting into EVERYTHING and one eye on my makeup/hair.

6:45-7am- if he's not already awake I will go wake up Hunter and nurse him in my bed then go change his diaper and get him dressed for daycare.

7-7:30am- head downstairs and put Hunter in his pak n play while I get my purse, pump and his bottles all together. I also load the car with everything first since I can't carry him and everything else at the same time. If I'm ahead of schedule I will play with him for a few minutes before heading out.

7:30-8am- drive to and drop Hunter off at daycare. He LOVES daycare and all the teachers there love him and will often fight over who gets to hold him first.

8-9am- drive to work, if there's little traffic and I have time I'll run through the Starbucks drive-thru

9am-5pm- Earn the big bucks (ha)
**I typically pump around 10:30am and 3:30pm. After Hunter turns one I plan to stop pumping since he'll be able to drink whole milk.

3:30-5pm- Kristian picks Hunter up from daycare sometime in this range depending on when he gets off work and they hang out and play until I get home. Depending on the schedule and what we plan to eat sometimes Kristian will start cooking dinner early.

5-6pm- I drive home

6-6:30- get home, go through the mail, go through Hunter's daycare stuff (any dirty clothes, read his report of the day) and I will usually take Hunter upstairs with me while I change out of my work clothes. Kristian will start dinner if he hasn't already and I will play with Hunter.

6:30-7pm- Dinner. We always eat together at the dining room table and lately we do it while listening to Christmas music. Hunter now eats what we eat and I spend most of dinner giving him more food because he eats it all so quickly.

7pm- Clean up. We try to do this together but if Hunter is being extra fussy I'll take him and go play and Kristian will clean up. Yes he will often cook and clean so I can spend time with Hunter. Yes I'm very lucky.

7-7:30- Every other night I give Hunter a bath. I don't do it every night because his skin will get dried out and irritated, unless of course he's really dirty and then he'll get one regardless. On non-bath nights we just play in the living room. While I do this Kristian finally gets to relax a bit. After the bath, it's PJ's and I try to read a book to Hunter but he spends most of the time trying to eat it. So sometimes we'll just play.

7:30-8pm- brush his teeth and give him his bottle and put him to bed. He usually sleeps straight from 8pm - 6am or later.

8-8:30pm- clean up the toys and start catching up on DVR

8:30-9pm- pump while watching t.v. and internetting on my iPhone. Then clean and prepare Hunters daycare bottles

9-10pm- watch t.v. for a bit then start getting ready for bed

10pm- In bed.

Yes we go to bed at 10pm which probably seems early to most but by that point we are both exhausted and even if I'm still not tired I like to try to go to bed when Kristian does.

Our weekdays are pretty much the same from day to day but routine seems to help us all much better. You will notice that chores like laundry and major house cleaning don't really take place during the week, I typically will do that kind of stuff on the weekend. You will also notice a lack of the word "exercise" and that's because I really don't do any, other than carry around my 26 pound monster baby. I would have to work out either at 5am or 8pm and that's just not gonna happen right now.


Nessa said...

This is a fun post. I've decided to do a similar one.
It must be nice to come home and have your family already there. The worst part of my day is getting home with Chloe and having her cranky and hungry the moment I walk through the door.
We don't do any major cleaning through the week either, and if I had it my way I'd be in bed by 10 every night, but it's usually worth staying up a little later to spend time with my boyfriend.

Sean Marie said...

Hey there, just stopping in from Venessa's blog to say hi. I see you're from Northern Va, so am I! :)

Have a great Tuesday!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your day. I've been curious as to how others with a baby do it and work. I am thinking I am going to go back to work by the time C is 6 months old.

beka said...

I have been soaking up these posts from working mamas lately - gives me a good idea of how to try juggling things when little one gets here!

princess apr said...

That sounds familiar. We sleep a little later. Rob wakes up at 6:30 and wakes Laura. I roll out at 7-ish. I drive Laura to school while Rob does the morning routine. By the time we all get home, it's 7 so we either do homework or bath and then bed. She eats dinner before she comes home. We eat after she goes to bed and go to bed, on average, around midnight. We alternate weekend days to get up with her while the other sleeps. We each try not to be out more than once a week after work. It's a nice schedule we have. Next year, it will have to be altered because she'll change schools for kindergarten and school starts when I need to be at work which is not convenient.

As for chores, I have the car so do a lot of quick trips to the store. Rob does 80% of the cooking and 100% of the laundry. I do the tidying and all cleaning except floors and his bathroom. So, pretty evenly split.

It's interesting to see everybody's routine to see if there are any tips to making things easier.

Anonymous said...

a schedule is what keeps me sane! i'm also a planner to the core so disorganization is causes me great unease!

Fiona said...
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Fiona said...

Love seeing other mom's schedules!! :) Thanks for sharing!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

Girl, If i'm up past 930pm i'm impressed with myself! Love seeing how your family has such a great routine! :)