Monday, November 12, 2012

Miletones- First Haircut

Over the weekend Hunter had another big first...his first Haircut!! I had intended on waiting until he was at least a year old to get his haircut. I'm not really sure why but it just seemed like he should be at least a year before having his first haircut. Well I never anticipated that my child would inherit my super fast hair growth gene. Once he got past that awkward newborn-hair-loss-looking-like-an-old-man phase it was full steam ahead.

Hunter has been blessed with a very nice head of hair, it's thick and has even started to curl in the back. As much as I wanted to wait the poor kid could hardly see through his bangs that kept falling in his eyes and you could hardly tell he even had ears underneath his hair. And since Kristian wouldn't let me pin his hair back with bows and headbands I finally gave in to the idea of getting his haircut, after all I don't want  people to think my handsome son is really my beautiful daughter. 

Kristian thought we should just cut it ourselves but the thought of having scissors anywhere near his face while he wiggled and squirmed made me have an anxiety attack. Plus who would take the all important pictures if we were the ones cutting it?! So off to Cartoon Cuts we went. 

He was strapped into a chair and the lady worked her magic and took maybe 5 minutes to do the whole thing. I guess when you work with babies and little kids you learn to go quick. Hunter did surprisingly well, they said they couldn't believe how well he did for a baby his age. He did start to cry when she tilted his head forward to try to get the back and then again when she brought out the razor. But that was easily fixed by me handing feeding him one Puff at a time. It's amazing how quickly a Puff can cheer my chunky monkey up. 

Hes no longer looks like a hippie baby but a full fledged toddler! 

Still wondering wtf is going on.

Still unsure but not unhappy

And NOW is when the unhappiness set in. 

This is the shot I pretty much expected to get

Finally realizing there's a tv with a cartoon on in front of him.

A combo of the puffs and the cartoons calmed him down.

He even flirted with his hair cutter.

"Yeah I know I look good"

"Hey Ma I see you have more Puffs over there"

When the razor came out he lost his shit again. 

So fresh and so clean.

Who took my baby and replaced him with a toddler? 

More puffs as a reward. Kid loves his puffs.

He even got a certificate and a little envelope with his hair. Both of which are totally going in the baby book. 


princess apr said...

What a big boy! He's so cute. I don't know what it is about those puffs. Kids love the crap out of them.

That's where we went for our first haircut. When Laura's hair is short, it curls. You can't tell now because it's so long and thick. We've gotten it cut twice there, but we're lucky because we can grow it out as long as we want because she's a girl. The first one she sat in Rob's lap. The second, she was a bit better. We have the certificate and lock of her hair, too. It's nice to have some ceremony to it.

Meg said...

Oh my goodness, what a big boy! I am with you on the year thing, I told Phillip "Colin will not have his first hair cut until he is a year old." I guess if he can't see we'd have to re-evaluate.

Your baby is too damn cute!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Oh my gosh, he looks like such a big boy, not only with his new haircut but sitting in that chair at the hair dresser's!! Adorable! :) Glad he did well other than a few expected cries.

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Awwww, so cute! He looks so different, but handsome as always :)

I loved the first haircut!

Nessa said...

He looks great. I'm glad you got it done. I'll never understand why some people let their boys grow shoulder-length hair before getting it cut.
I don't have to worry about haircuts with Chloe yet. She's just starting to get hair at 14 months.