Friday, November 30, 2012

11 Months Old- 11/30/12

Dear Hunter-
In just one month you will turn one year old and I know this last month of your first year is going to go by just as fast as the past eleven have. You are at such a fun (and exhausting) age right now. You always want to be moving and exploring and everyday you are learning new things. You are still the sweetest, funniest, cutest little baby I've ever met and I'm still not sure how we got so lucky to get you.

Weight/Length- No official checkup this month. I tried weighing you on our home scale and it says you are 26 pounds! That seems high but with the way you eat I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I don't know how long you are but I would guess around 30 inches.
Eating- You are a champion eater, I think it's definitely your favorite activity. You are still nursing in the mornings (and before naptime on the weekends) and getting three 5oz bottles of breastmilk at daycare and an 8oz bottle of formula before bed. You have very little interest in your bottles, you much prefer drinking water out of your sippy cup. You get three full meals a day and no longer get jar baby food (unless we're in a bind). You also get multiple snacks throughout the day which can include graham crackers, goldfish, Cheerios and puffs. As for food, you still seem to like everything we give you and deer meat seems to be a favorite (which makes your father incredibly happy). You ate everything we had to offer at Thanksgiving including diving into a piece of pumpkin pie. You also still "talk" while you eat which makes us laugh.
Sleep- We had a rough week right after the time change for Daylight Savings when you were getting up at what had been your normal time but was now an hour earlier. Other than that you've been sleeping great typically from 8pm-6am (give or take 30 minutes) straight. On the weekends you usually take two naps, a long one in the morning and a shorter afternoon nap. At daycare you usually only nap once because you are too busy playing.

Clothes- You are still in 12 and 18 month clothes and size 5 baby shoes. Most of your pants are still really long on you so I'm always having to roll them up.  
Diapers- Finally moved you up to Size 4 which fit much better.
Appearance- We got your haircut for the first time this month because it was getting too long and falling in your eyes. I love your new haircut even though it makes you look much older. It's still a very light brown/dark blonde and getting quite thick. Your eyes are still a pretty blue/grey with hints of green. You now have 7 teeth, 3 on top and 4 on the bottom!
Personality- You continue to be a very happy and sweet baby and people are always commenting on what a good boy you are. However, this past month we have noticed that you will throw a tantrum if we take away something that you want or if we keep you from getting into something. Lord help us when the terrible two's hit. You are also at the stage where you don't like being left alone and are getting to be more weary around people you aren't familiar with. But so long as you are getting attention, able to explore and being played with you are very happy. You also laugh a lot more and not just when being tickled but when you see something you think is funny (you saw the cat sneeze and you cracked up). You are definitely a curious little boy and are always getting into things (usually things you shouldn't be getting into). You are also incredibly smart and once you do something once you have it memorized and can do it again everytime afterwards. You are just such a fun little kid.
-Looking at the smoke detector both at home and daycare. You just stare up at it and smile. Something about it fascinates you.
-Mommy's hairbrush. Letting you play with it is the only way I'm able to get dressed in the morning.
-Climbing up and down the stairs.
-Opening and closing cabinet doors and really any kind of door
-Crawling backwards (which we refer to as moonwalking)
-Pulling up on the furniture and cruising
-Being outside
-Your sippy cup and eating table food
-"Petting" Moxie and Halpert (it's more like smacking though)

-Having your clothes and diaper changed
-Being locked out of rooms and babygates in general
-Getting out of the bathtub
-Being in your highchair if you're not eating

-Celebrated first Halloween
-Celebrated first Thanksgiving
-Got your first Haircut
-Cut your 7th tooth
-Can now walk down the stairs sideways while holding onto the rail
-Started crawling backwards
-Can walk the perimeter of a room so long as you have furniture or a wall to hold onto
-Eating all table food

Photos from this Month

You love going for stroller walks in the woods.

You are a true mama's boy and I LOVE it.

Wearing one of daddy's sweaters that he wore as a baby. Your Great Aunt Nancy made this for daddy when he was little.

Hoping you'll be able to cook mama dinner soon.
*here's a sneak peek at our new kitchen*

Looking handsome after your first haircut.

You discovered brooms and played with one for a good 30 minutes. I now know what one of your chores will be when you're older.

Wearing your mustache shirt in honor of Ms. Kristen's birthday.

Your version of helping mommy with the laundry is to take all the clean and folded clothes OUT of the basket.

This is the face of pure happiness. You just loved being in the tree outside the house. In fact, you just love being outside just like your daddy.
We love you little man.


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I can't believe we're in the homestretch to his first birthday! Time sure flies!

If he's anything like my son, the tantrums will start early. We had a horrible case of the terrible ones! Good news is, two hasn't been terrible at all!

PS LOVE the tiles floors!!

Heather said...

Happy 11 months, Hunter!

Stephanie said...

Happy 11 Months, Hunter! Stay cute! I love watching you grow.

Nessa said...

Teaching him to cook, sweep and do laundry at a young age. Smart mother, you are.
I can't believe it's almost his birthday. Time is flying.

Anonymous said...

He is just such a handsome little guy! I can't believe he is going to be turning 1 in less than a month. That is awesome that he loves eating so much. I wish he could teach Alidia a thing or two! ;) Sounds similar in the behaviour department though. Happy most of the time but definitely learning to throw a tantrum... and get into everything!! :P Happy 11 months Hunter!


Editor said...

Aww so sweet! Happy 11month...they grow up so fast!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 11 months to your little cutie!