Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Another Wednesday and another week where I'm saying So What if:
-I CANNOT wait for this damn election to be over, especially since Kristian and I are voting differently and I'm tired of debating with him.
-I really don't like either candidate or politicians in general.
-I have no idea what I'm going to do for Kristian's birthday on Monday.
-I had to convince Kristian last night to NOT give Hunter one of the toys that we bought him for Christmas early.
-I couldn't stop laughing watching Hunter wolf down his graham cracker when I picked him up from daycare during snack time. It's like he thinks everytime he eats it's a race.
-Hunter ate a fistful of dirt when we sat him on the ground during our family photo session. He's a true boy through and through.


Stephanie said...

I am struggling with James' birthday, too! It's on Wednesday, our due date. I need to get him something sooner than later in case Little Mister makes his debut.

Laura at Saying I do said...

I can't wait for the election to be over too...this whole time always just depresses me because everyone is always so at odds and it's all just such crapola

Anyway, that graham cracker story is so cute and hysterical...

Holly said...

fistful of dirt? aww little boys are the greatest. i dont know why but that is so cute!

and voting differently than a spouse im sure is a tad tricky!!

princess apr said...

I once convinced Rob that I voted differently than he did. He knows better now. There are sometimes finer points on which we disagree, but we will always vote for the same party.

Has he been to the beach to eat the sand yet? All little boys I know love that. I'm not sure why. I'd think dirt would be softer and sweeter. Either way, ew. :) We were lucky and ours never got into putting things in her mouth except stolen candy. She loved stealing candy from my mom's candy dish.

Fiona aka DRMama said...

My hubby's birthday was today! Seems like lots of birthdays in October. I didn't do much this year because we were so busy but had a nice BBQ picnic on the beach this evening and then planning a getogether here on the weekend.

Handfull of dirt? hehe yes, a boy indeed!!

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

My Hubby's birthday is approaching and all he wants is planner pages. Ummm...that is so boring and practical. I have to come up with something better :)

Love the dirt story! Too funny :)