Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Boo Boo

This was the scene of our Saturday morning.

Hunter had his first of what will probably be many (if he's anything like his father) trips to Urgent Care. I should back up to Friday first. On Friday morning Hunter woke up and was extremely fussy. He's typically only ever like that in the mornings when he's sick or teething and I mentioned it to his daycare teacher when dropping him off. I had also noticed a little spot on his finger that looked like a wart but I didn't think too much of it.

Well around 1pm I got a call from daycare saying Hunter had been extremely fussy all morning and had a temp of 101.8 and they wanted us to pick him up. At this point I still thought he was probably just teething. I got him home and gave him some Tylenol which seemed to help. That night when Kristian got him I pointed out the "wart" on Hunters finger which was now red and swollen looking and seemed to be infected. We thought maybe he had gotten a splinter or teeny shard of glass in there that had become infected. We took him next door to see our neighbor whose a nurse to get her opinion because we were also worried about him having MRSA. Our neighbor said that so long as the Tylenol was helping with the fever than he should be okay for the night and we could wait til morning to take him in.

So Saturday morning we took him to Urgent Care right when they opened. The doctor took and X-ray of the finger first to see if there was anything in there causing the infection (there wasn't). He said it was definitely infected and he would need to drain it. So they had to strap Hunter to the bed in a swaddle type contraption to hold him still (see picture above). I sat next to him and rubbed and kissed his head the whole time. The doctor first gave him a shot to numb his finger. Hunter SCREAMED during the shot and basically screamed during the whole procedure and was even shaking which broke my heart. I just wanted to pick him up and soothe him but I couldn't do anything but rub his head.

The doctor lanced and drained the infected abscess and then wrapped his finger. Fortunately he didn't need any stitches. We asked the doctor if he thought it was MRSA and he didn't think so but wasn't quite sure. He prescribed an antibiotic and said that so long as he doesn't spike a high fever and the finger doesn't get worse then he should be fine but to follow up with his pediatrician on Monday. He also told us to give him Tylenol as needed for pain.

His first bandage.

Hunter seems to be better now. He keeps looking at and playing with his "boo boo" but he doesn't seem to bothered by it, with the exception of 4am this morning when he wouldn't stop crying, after I gave him some more medicine he calmed down and fell back asleep.

The whole experience was pretty traumatic for all of us. I thought watching him get his vaccination shots was hard, but this was a million times worse than that. Kristian even had to go sit down during the procedure because he started to feel light-headed. He said seeing the blood didn't bother him but seeing the ones he loves in so much pain  makes him feel faint (the same thing happened when I got my very painful epidural).

I'm just grateful that Hunter won't remember any of it. But I know that raising an already mischievous and curious little boy will probably end us in Urgent Care or the Emergency Room several more times in the future. Just one of the joys of being a boy mom.


Brittany said...

Poor guy! Wonder what happened to his finger. Glad he is feeling better now

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Oh no, poor Hunter! :( I am glad to hear that he is doing much better now!

Stephanie said...

That first picture breaks my heart. I hope everyone is feeling better today!

Heather said...

This definitely sounds very traumatic for everyone, and I am so glad that Hunter is doing better now. I can imagine that seeing your child in pain must be completely heartbreaking.

Nessa said...

Poor boy! I would've been terrified too. Chloe got her first real boo boo today (fell lip first onto ceramic floor), so the feeling is fresh in my mind. It's never fun to see your baby in any kind of pain.

princess apr said...

I should read everything in order. Poor thing! My heart just broke seeing that picture.

Hope it heals quickly and you heal eventually, too. :) Mental scars always last longer than the physical ones.

Laura said...

oh my goodness that sounds so traumatic! I get sad when my puppy shakes when she's scared, I can't even imagine how I"d feel if it were my own child! Hope he's feeling betteR!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw, oh my goodness so sad! :( I'm glad he's better!