Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Another week of So What Wednesday!
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So what if:

-I'm still sad over Hunter being moved to the toddler room. Why must he insist on growing up so fast?!

-I'm nervous to attend my first MOPS meeting tomorrow night. I really hope I like the other moms there and vice versa. I really need some local mom friends.

-Walking around Arlington VA Saturday night for my friends going away dinner in heels reminded me why I prefer the suburbs to the city. My poor little feet can't handle the blisters.

-Everytime I hear THIS song I break out into an ugly cry. Saddest song ever!

-I'm counting down the weeks until my coworker on maternity leave comes back, one week down, five more to go.

-I've already ordered both Moxie and Hunters Halloween costumes...and yes they do go together.

-I'm apparently the only person that doesn't decorate for Fall or any other season. I don't have the money, time or storage space for a bunch of decorations. We put out pumpkins for Halloween and decorate for Christmas and that's it.


Stephanie said...

Let me know how your MOPS night goes. I want to join one once we have Connor. I hope you enjoy it!
And I would be sad if I didn't get to decorate for the holidays. I have a schedule of when new decorations go up. I'm a total loser.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I need some mom friends, maybe I will have to see if we have MOPS in my neck of the woods! Hope it goes well!

Fall/Halloween and Christmas are the only holidays I decorate for. In fact I may love my fall ones the best, it's my favortie time of year!

princess apr said...

It may be different as Hunter grows up. We decorate a lot more now that Laura is aware of the changing months and holidays. I have a ton of Fall decorations, but I'm too lazy to put them out. They're on the bottom of a closet. When you take out one thing in that closet, you have to take out everything. I also buy good decorations for the birthday party so I can reuse them every year. It's because I'm brilliant and there is a built-in theme. *g*

Heather said...

Good luck at MOPS! I hear you about the blisters from heels, and that's one reason I hardly ever wear them myself. I probably won't decorate a ton for the holidays this year, either, other than putting out a few pumpkin decorations for fall, plus a Christmas tree and a few other small things.

Fiona aka DRMama said...

We don't decorate for anything other than Christmas either. I always see things I want to make but never do. We don't even do Halloween because it isn't celebrated her. I hope to go more crazy for Christmas this year though... now that we are a 'family'!! :)

Can't wait to see Hunter and Moxie's costumes!!

Nessa said...

Good luck at the meeting tomorrow. I'm sure you'll find at least one person that you'll like.
I decorate a little for fall and Halloween, but nothing worth talking about. And that's only if I feel like digging out the decorations.