Sunday, September 30, 2012

9 Months Old- 9/30/12

Dear Hunter, 

Well here we are, another month down, and time still continues to be going by at warp speed. This past month you learned a bunch of new "tricks" and everyday you act more like a little boy than a baby. It's like you think you're a grown man or something. Daddy and I constantly say how cool and fun you are and how lucky we are to have you. And it's so very true. I couldn't be more blessed or proud to be your mommy. There aren't enough words to describe how much we love you little man.

Mommy and Daddy

Weight/Length- Your 9 month checkup is tomorrow but I'm estimating that you are around 23.5 pounds and 28" long. I will update once we have your official stats.

Eating- You are still getting the same amount of milk/formula as last month. Nursing in the morning (and on weekends), three 6oz bottles of breastmilk during the day and an 8oz bottle of formula before bed. You are eating three solid meals a day as well. Fruit/Oatmeal for breakfast, Veggie combo for lunch and Meat/Veggie combo for dinner. You are still getting baby food but you much prefer to feed yourself and have gotten really good at it. We give you the baby food to keep you full but then I will always let you have some of whatever I'm eating (if it's safe for you) for practice. You have now had a lot of different table food including- scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes, pasta, breads, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, french fries, lasagna, blueberry muffin, pieces of fruits and veggies, turkey burger, pieces of chicken, dove (yes your father fed you some dove meat. sigh.) and beans. You also love baby puffs and yogurt melts. You do so well with grasping the food and chewing what actually makes it in your mouth. We will probably be weaning you off the baby food soon. One funny quirk is that whenever you are eating you "talk" or rather make noises, grunts, yelps etc. It's like you are talking to your food and will be quite loud about it. Very strange but very cute.

Sleep- Mostly sleeping through the night though the past week or so you've been waking up again once or twice but we've only needed to let you cry it out one of those nights, the other times you fall back asleep pretty quickly. Still going to bed around 8pm and sleeping until 6am.

Clothes- You've moved into mainly 12 months and even some 18 months clothes and jammies. A few of your 9 month outfits still fit but barely. The 12 and 18 months pants fit you well in the waist and thighs but are very long so I'm having to roll all your pants.

Diapers- Still in size 3 diapers but I think once we run out we'll move you up to the size 4's.

Appearance- Your hair has not only gotten thicker but is now pretty wavy and even a little curly in the back. You definitely seem to have your grandpa's hair. Still a very light brown/blonde that looks a little red in certain lights (you get that from me!). Your eyes are still a very pretty blue/grey with hints of green. You also now have five teeth! Two on the top (that have only started to come in) and three on the bottom.

Personality- You are still such a happy, smiley baby, especially when we're around other people. You haven't developed that "stranger danger" sense (except around your doctor, go figure) and I credit that to being around a lot of people at daycare. You actually are the most fussy when you've been stuck at home with just us for too long. You like to have a change of scenery after a little while. You get more curious by the day, especially with things that you shouldn't play with (like wires, which you are obsessed with). You love to play and laugh and explore and are just a lot of fun to be around.

-crawling around
-climbing the stairs
-standing up against the coffee table and couch
-remote controls and phones
-any toy that makes noise
-being in the big bathtub
-being outside
-eating table food
-banging on pots and pans with a wooden spoon

-Having your clothes and diaper changed
-Being stuck in your pack n play
-Being in your high chair if you aren't eating
-Baby gates
-Being ignored

-You have finally started crawling up on all fours though you still prefer the belly crawl
-You got three new teeth (the top two and another bottom one)
-You learned how to clap
-You can give High Fives on command
-You are pulling up on everything!
-You can walk along the side of the coffee table and couch while holding onto the sides
-You can climb up ALL of the steps going upstairs to the third floor
-You've outgrown the infant tub and are now in the regular bathtub
-Moved up to the toddler room at daycare

A few pictures from the past month:


Fiona aka DRMama said...

Oh my goodness... he looks EXTRA cute this month!!! Love those last two photos and his little outfit. It sounds like he is such a happy and social little fella.

Stephanie said...

That's awesome that he can scale the furniture so well! What is it with kids not liking their diapers/clothes changed? I bet he'll be walking before you know it now that's been moved up to the toddler room at daycare and will be around the bigger kids.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Goodness he is ADORABLE!!! I love love love it! Payton says, "Sup stud?!" ;)