Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Linking up again with Shannon for another So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-Whenever the t.v. was on this weekend I was watching The Hills reruns on RetroMTV.
-I still think Spencer is a douche and Heidi is a moron.
-I did a little "back to school" shopping this weekend even though I am not going back to school. It was the first time I actually spent the money on myself rather than Hunter.
-I hate the fact that we FINALLY had to lower Hunter's crib mattress. Being so short it's really hard for me to lean over the railing and lay him down when he's asleep hence why I put it off for long but I found him standing in his crib the other night so down it went.
-I'm debating joining our community's "Mom Group", I want more mommy friends but I worry it's just a group of women trying to compare their kids accomplishments and one-up each other.

-I'm forcing my husband to take some family photos with us this fall. He HATES doing professional photo sessions but I think they are important to get at least once a year and Happy Wife = Happy Life amiright? (He did insist on wearing his Metallica t-shirt which I promptly vetoed).

-I did an internal happy dance yesterday when on a conference call one of my vendors told my boss how awesome I am and how much he likes working with me. *cough*Raise*cough*



Jenn said...

My hubs fights family photos all the time too. I'm sure it has nothing to do with me setting up the camera every other week and telling him to do it though, haha. I hope you get a raise!

Stephanie said...

I about fell out of the chair the other night when James asked when we were doing our maternity photos. He HATES getting his photo taken. I am hoping I can use Connor as an excuse to get more photos taken.

princess apr said...

We don't do a lot of photos. Laura gets hers taken at least once a year (or more if there's a big sale). We did family pictures when Laura was a year old and then again at 3. I'm hoping to do them again next year, maybe in early Spring. We have a friend who is a photographer and he volunteered to take outdoor shots with us. His photos are amazing, almost don't want to spoil them by adding me to them.

Lowering the mattress was killer. Laura was a heavy sleeper. I either wasn't the one to put her down or I'd put her feet down first and then lower her top part of her body. Waking up was easy because she could stand and help me. I debated putting in a stool, but I never did.

beka said...

Nothing better than an outside client/vendor/person telling your boss that you rock! Here's hoping that raise comes through! :)

Laurda Mouse said...

I hated lowering the crib side. It made it so much harder to sneak them in their crib when they were already fast asleep.

I am wanting to get family pictures done too...but my hubs is fighting it. We don't even have our littlest one in our latest family pic it's been that long. Good Luck!!

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

My Hubs hates family pics too and I'm going through the Mom Group thing. Was just recently invited to one and I know I won't like it. It's just not my thing, especially since most of the events are during the day since most of the moms stay at home.

Nessa said...

I'm part of a Facebook parents group for my community and I love it. It's the perfect place to gets tons of advice quickly, rant, or just talk about something random. I'm so glad I joined it.
I need to lower Chloe's crib as well, and I already hate reaching in as it is. I was sad when she first started sleeping in the crib because I can't lean over and kiss her when she's asleep. *Sappy mom moment*
Glad to hear that one of the vendors thinks your awesome. That's always a great thing.

Brittney said...

One of these days I'd love to do coffee with you or something. lol Let me know if you ever make your way to Oregon. =)

Jennifer said...

I love family photos and I always tell Allen, "if you'll just be happy and cooperate it will go much faster" :)
And I get so caught up in old episodes of The Hills and Laguna Beach! Two of my old favorites :)