Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today is another episode of So What Wednesday with Shannon.

So what if:
-I haven't been very sympathetic to my sick husband the past few days. I was sick with much worse for over a month and still went to work everyday and took care of Hunter. He gets a cough and the world comes to an end. Men are such babies.
-I got a bit irritated yesterday when Hunters daycare teacher said that she thinks the reason he has been drinking his bottle slower than usual is because he may be tired of breastmilk? Umm what? Trust me my kid loves the boob milk. Never tell a nursing mother that their kid may not like their milk. *despite this remark I actually do really like his daycare teacher*
-I spend all week wishing I could be a stay at home mom but after spending a whole weekend with Hunter non stop I'm grateful to go to work on Mondays to get a little break.
-I'm already counting down the days until my coworker comes back from maternity leave and she hasn't even had her baby yet.
-My heart melts every night when I get home and see how excited Hunter is to see me. He will actually crawl to me with a huge smile on his face. Love.
-I really wish I had some local mommy friends to hang out with. All my friends live far away. It's hard to make new friends as an adult.


mrs.mfc said...

Have you changed the nipple size on his bottles lately? That could be causing him to drink slower. I noticed Reid doing the same thing and he was getting frustrated when he was eating. I went up a nipple size so that he could get more at a time and he was happy again. Worth trying!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I have no patience for my husband when he's sick. None. Sometimes I feel bad about it, but really, why are they suck babies?!

And your daycare person said what?! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard! I would have been irritated too!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

I can't believe the daycare teacher said that... some people don't think!! I am sure it is not that! Ugg, I know meeting adult friends is so hard... if they aren't at work, where do you meet them?! My husband and I don't even work with other adults who actually live in the country for more than a year at a time so we don't even have work friends. It really is hard. I am thinking of starting a Mommy & Me group in the fall that is one a week for Moms and babies under 2. Hoping to make friends for me and also for Alidia. We'll see how it goes!

Stephanie said...

Have you looked into MOPS? It stands for Moms with Preschoolers. It allows Moms and babies to meet other Moms and babies. I plan on joining in the spring once I have a handle on being a parent.

And when James is sick, it's like the world is coming to an end. Drive me bonkers.

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

I'd hang out with you :) Maybe we need to all relocate to the beach.

Also, I love coming home to Mia at the end of the day and getting the hug and smile too! Best way to end a work day!

amy said...

Someone mentioned this but have you thought of moving up a nipple in the bottle? Also, this happens with mine every other month, but the little mineral deposits from the dishwasher start to build. I buy the steaming bags at Target and soak the nipples in hot soapy water. Then rise well, and steam. This just knock the really tiny parts off. Its a little whole so it does not take much.

princess apr said...

Very few of my friends locally have kids. I'm always free even though there's a bit of an age gap between our little ones. Maybe a playdate with a little one will stop Laura asking for a brother or sister. (She wants a sister and she wants to name her Katy Perry.)

Brittney said...

I met a great group of new moms (we actually met when we were pregnant and then "transitioned" together) via May be worth checking out what mommy groups are out there in your area!

Nessa said...

I've never heard of a baby getting tired of any kind of milk. That comment would've irritated me as well.
I agree on the friends one. My friends all live a little far away and it's pretty much impossible to make new ones as an adult.