Thursday, August 30, 2012

8 Months- 8/30/12

Dear Hunter,
Well little man, another month has flown by and you continue to grow like a weed and learn new tricks everyday that make mommy and daddy laugh. In the past month you've become so much more independent and mobile but also so much fun! You play and smile and laugh and want constant attention. Now that you can get around so much on your own you've really been keeping us on our toes, it's like you know exactly what you shouldn't be playing with and yet that's exactly what you want to be playing with. I blame your daddy for this character trait (I was never like that!). The summer is coming to an end but I can't wait for all the fun we're going to have this fall and during the holidays.
Weight/Length- When you went to the doctors a couple weeks ago you weighed 22 pounds and were 27.5". I suspect you're still right around those measurements.

Eating- You are eating A LOT which I think has helped you sleep better. You still nurse in the morning and get three 6 oz bottles of breastmilk at daycare and an 8oz bottle of formula before bed. In addition to the milk you are now getting 3 meals of solids a day. You get some kind of fruit/oatmeal combo for breakfast, a veggie for lunch and meat/veggie combo for dinner. In addition to the purees we've started to slowly give you some easy to chew table foods like scramble eggs and mac n cheese. You mainly just play with it but if I put it in your mouth you will chew and swallow. You still LOVE your MumMums and eat those quick.

Sleep- You're still sleeping really well with the exception of a few bad nights here and there. Still going to bed around 8pm and waking up around 6-6:30am which works great during the week, on the weekends it would be nice if you slept a little longer but I can't complain about you sleeping straight through the night. Sometimes you'll wake up once and just need to be held for a minute before going back to sleep. You still typically take two naps a day, one long one in the morning and a shorter afternoon nap. You always seem to end up rolling onto your belly.

Clothes- Mainly in 9 and 12 month clothes. You have a tough time wearing shorts because of your chunky thighs.
Diapers- Still in size 3 diapers and hopefully will be for a little while.
Appearance- Your hair has really filled in and has a slight wave/curl to it when it's wet and is nice and thick on top. It's still a very light brown and you still have grey/blue eyes that in some lights look green. And still only two teeth on the bottom. Thankfully your eczema still hasn't come back, whenever you start to get a little flare up I use your prescription cream and that helps a lot.

Personality- You're still a very happy and active baby whose getting more curious by the day. You don't really like to be held, you just want to be on the ground crawling and exploring. Whenever I'm on the ground you try to crawl on me like I'm your personal jungle gym. You get so excited when I get from work and give me the biggest smiles and will crawl towards me if you're on the floor. It melts me everytime. You only get fussy if you are overtired or bored or not getting attention.

Pretty much all the same likes as last month:
-Love bathtime
-Love daycare
-Love the swing at the park
-Love your exer-saucer
-Love playing on the iPad
-Love crawling around

-You are still belly crawling but you are really fast, I wonder if you will ever crawl on all fours since you can get wherever you want to go on your belly.
-You can climb the two steps from the living room to the dining room! Babygates have started going up.
-You can say da-da and mama (though not as often).
-You've tried some "real" food and are learning how to chew.
-You used the baby swing at the park for the first time and loved it.
-You had to get a special cream for a bad diaper rash you had.
-You've started imitating funny faces, actions and sounds we make.
-When we call your name you will crawl towards us.

8 Month Photo shoot

Looking like a big boy

Not a big fan of his "cage"

"Let me out Ma"

Sporting the preppy look

First time going down a slide with mommy

Trying to climb the big steps

Hunter and Moxie aren't fans of the babygate

He can now climb the two steps out of the sunken living room into the dining room.

Fascinated by Norah Jones on Storytellers
Ready to go hunting with daddy

Feeding himself mac n cheese

Trying to climb "the mountain"


Stephanie of WMMblog said...

I have a baby crush on Hunter! I love his little rolls. Love them! I hope Connor has them. If not, I will just continue to enjoy Hunter's!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Man time sure flies!! He's getting to be so grown up!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Man time sure flies!! He's getting to be so grown up!

JennOvey said...

How stinkin' cute!

Fiona said...

Love all of these photos. It sounds as if Hunter has been learning lots of fun new things this month and is really getting himself around! Alidia is the same... she wants to play with whatever she is not allowed to play with! Happy 8 months Hunter!

Unknown said...

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Venassa said...

I'm not sure they ever outgrow the stage where they want to play with anything they're not supposed to, unfortunately.
Such a big boy. I think my 11 month old is probably about 17lbs now. Definitely no more than 18lbs.

Holly said...

oh my gosh, he is SO CUTE.

Nicole-Lynn said...

He's getting so big and more adorable by the day! So sweet. I'm loving following you on Instagram too-- it's nice getting a glimpse into your everyday life :)