Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Linking up again with Shannon for this weeks So What! Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So what if:

-I'm already trying to figure out a theme for Hunter's first birthday party which isn't until December.

-I took a pregnancy test the other day to make sure that wasn't the reason I've been feeling so nauseous lately. *It was negative by the way*

-I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Though I would love to figure it out soon.

-I'm annoyed that Hunters daycare tuition is increasing by $40/month this September. How anyone can afford to have TWO kids in daycare is beyond me. At this rate he won't be getting a sibling for many years.  

-My boss and I are wearing very similar outfits today (check out my Instagram if you want to see a pic). Great minds think alike.

- The only time I have to read is when I'm pumping at work. Currently reading 'Where We Belong' by Emily Giffin and digging it.


The Hudack Family said...

It kills me how much we are alike. I am totally planning Savannah's first December birthday also, took a pregnancy test last Friday because I'm so beyond tired its unreal. And I couldn't live without my pump times. I use mine to catch up on my TV Shows.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I started planning Jamie's 1st Birthday around the 6 month, so that seems totally not crazy to me!

Also, We've been lucky that Jamie's tutition hasn't gone up since he started. I have a feeling we won't be so lucky. At least we're on the downhill slope to the preschool room which means HUGE price drop!

Stephanie said...

I already have Connor's first birthday planned and I haven't even given birth to him yet. Seriously? I'm a wreck.

I love the outfit. I enjoy following you on IG. Especially when I get to see Mr. Handsome Hunter.

I'm staying home with Connor because daycare is so damn expensive in our area. I am hoping to have him in a daycare when he is a little older. More for his sake then mine but I think it's important for him to interact with kids his age, especially since he is going to be an only child.

I will forever not know what I'm going to be when I grow up. That's a problem. Until I get my shit together, I will be a SAHM
And I'm also reading Where We Belong. I have a NOOK and downloaded the NOOK PC app and can read it at work when I have some down time. Shh! Don't tell! ;)

K said...

Love that author! What is the book about? I'm always looking for a good read.

Heather said...

I can't believe how expensive daycare is these days. I know a couple people with two kids in daycare, and I definitely don't know how they do it!

Heather said...
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Mrs. Pancakes said...

Daycare scares me...I don't even Want to think about it!! And how exciting you want to want to celebrate his birthday...December is just around the corner!!

Nessa said...

I tried to think of Chloe's 1st birthday theme long ago. I'm in the planning stages now and it's still almost 2 months away.
Wow.. $40 more a month for daycare? That's crazy.

Holly said...

oh i hear more and more of the "cant afford two kids childcare" thing. so disappointing!!

Lexilooo said...

I met Emily Giffin when she was here in DC a few weeks ago on her book tour :)