Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maybe we should just stay home from now on

*Thanks to everyone for the kind feedback on yesterdays post, it was one of the harder ones to write so I'm glad people were able to get something from it*

Now to the less serious stuff.

For some reason every time we've tried to go out of town this summer, whether it be on our trip to PA or quick weekend trips to my inlaws beach house, inevitably one of us ends up sick or in pain. And this past weekend was no exception. We decided to head to the beach house Saturday morning for a quick overnight trip. Everything was fine most of the day but by the evening I had some nasty stomach bug that left me running for the bathroom every 20 minutes or so. No need to thank me for the lovely visual you now have in your head.

I felt shitty (no pun intended) all night in addition to Hunter sleeping like crap (again with the puns) because he never sleeps well in the pack n play. I woke up Sunday morning not feeling much better which made the 2 hour car ride home less than pleasant.

I'm feeling better though still have some lingering nausea that won't seem to go away. And NO I'm not pregnant. I blame these damn daycare germs that seem to constantly want to invade my body via patient X aka my son.

We did however get a few cute pictures despite the yuckies. Including a quick Pinterest inspired photo sesh on Sunday that I did with my baby model.

Watching the Olympics with Grandpa

Just teething on some toys

Hello blue eyes

Playing with mommy before the yuckies hit.

Working on baby #2...KIDDING!

Water baby!

These pictures were taken Sunday during the 30 minutes that I wasn't feeling horrible.

Ready to start earning my rent around here.

Mommy kisses

Picfx makes him look like the angel he is.

For those that already follow me on instagram I apologize for the repeat in photos since I already posted most of these. For those that don't already follow me you can find me at sep0522 on IG.


Heather said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear that you got sick. These pics are so cute, especially the "Mommy kisses" shot. What a cute idea!

Stephanie said...

I can see his cute face over and over! I love the very last one of him. What a sweet little guy!

Nessa said...

Ouch sorry to hear about the constant sickness. It's twice as bad when you're travelling.

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well but glad you are doing better now. Love all of this adorable new photos of Hunter!!! Love that adorable baby chubbiness! :)

princess apr said...

Maybe you'll be spared the school germs. The first year of preschool nearly was the death of me. Kids are giant germballs.

I haven't been on Instagram in awhile so they're new to me! Cuteness overload.