Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Recap in Pictures

We had a very nice weekend, due in large part to my mom visiting. She and Hunter got in quite a bit of bonding time and Kristian and I got in a bit of a baby break.

Here is a picture from Friday afternoon when Hunter found out via his onesie that he's not allowed to date...for a VERY long time if I have any say in the matter.

Saturday night we got a much needed date night and went out to a Mexican restaurant that we like while my mom and Hunter had a date night involving pureed carrots and lots of playtime. It's so nice to get to be just a couple again for a few hours rather than mom and dad. However we were home by 8:30pm in time for me to put Hunter to bed. Party animals we are not.
*please excuse all the junk on and below our entry table*

*The last time I wore this dress was on our honeymoon, glad I can fit into it again*

On Sunday my mom and I met one of her good friends (and one of the ladies that helped with my wedding) for brunch so that she could see Hunter.
*We all matched in blue*

*One of the best pictures of Hunter and Grandma*

This was the first time we put Hunter into an actual high chair at a restaurant as opposed to just keeping him in his carseat, which he hates while we're out to eat. He did SO well. He loved sitting right next to the table and grabbing at everything. I helped keep him occupied by giving him the baby Mum Mum's to chew on (which he LOVES) and putting some fruit in his mesh feeder which he also LOVES. Even after two hours he didn't really fuss until the very end when I had to give him a bottle.

*When did my baby get so big?!*

After brunch I put him in his stroller and we walked around the little shops. Even in the 90 degree heat he didn't fuss. Best baby ever.

Oh and I also went to Target (alone) on Saturday for some more diapers and formula and walked out $150 later. That damn store gets me everytime.


Heather said...

That onesie is too funny, and I totally agree with you about Target! That store is dangerous!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I went into Target for TWO things and purposely didn't get a basket or a cart to avoid the Target trap. Well I guess I have long arms because 2 bags and 30 dollars later....

I remember this phase with Jamie, it was the best. Go out to eat ALOT!! It may be your last time! LOL I miss the days when chilling in the restaurant highchair and eating puffs was enough to keep him occupied and happy for hours.

Teenage Bride said...

I just want to kiss those little cheeks... gosh he just gets cuter and cuter!

The Hudack Family said...

Ahh Target!! Such a love/hate relationship! Yeah for dinner and you look great! Are you still breastfeeding also?