Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post Weekend Brain dump

Updates from the weekend:

  • We had a yard sale on Saturday and despite throwing it together last minute we actually had a LOT of people show up (there are always yard sales in my neighborhood on weekends so it's easier to get a lot of traffic), we got rid of a good amount of stuff we never use and made $140 which we are putting towards new curtains in the living room.

  • After the yard sale I went for my much needed once-a-month massage. I have a membership to a massage place so for $60 I get an awesome massage once a month (non membership cost is $100). I highly recommended to any new or not-so-new mommy.

  • Saturday night I met a good friend for dinner. She's going through a rough time right now and I feel terrible for her. It also made me appreciate even more my amazing husband and awesome little boy. I'm very blessed and this was a great reminder of that.

  • Sunday I also got a little more "me" time and was able to go to the pool alone while Kristian stayed home with Hunter during his nap time.

  • We took a family trip to Target where per usual we spent WAY too much money and we let Hunter ride in the baby part of the shopping cart for the first time as opposed to keeping him in his carseat. I think he was a mix of fascinated and terrified and kept holding onto the sides of the cart for dear life.

  • We watched a lot of the Olympics, diving and gymnastics are my favorite events so I've been loving it right now. What I'm NOT loving is being spoiled with the results prior to it airing. I'm having to be very careful when checking any websites right now.


Stephanie said...

I can't wait for our garage sale in September. We will get rid of so much and I hope to make a couple bucks in the process!

And I can't think of a single person who spends what they had planned to in Target. It's my weakness. James hates Target and I think it's because I love it so.

Heather said...

I'm glad you made some extra cash with your yard sale! I'm having fun watching the Olympics, too, but I agree that with social media and all the news reporting, it's really hard to keep from hearing the results in advance of watching.

Laura at Saying I do said...

I was away all weekend and haven't watched a single bit of the olympics yet!! It's killing me I LOVE the diving and gymnastics too. Oof Target...gotta love those trips...I think everyone ends up spending way more than they mean to

Jennifer said...

We definitely need to have a yard sale too. I have a ton of stuff that I decided to get rid of during the move. It's just finding the motivation to get everything together and have one. And I definitely think a massage should be mandatory after all yard sales :)

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Gymnastics and diving are my two favourite events in the Olympics too!! I have seen a bit of Gymnastics but no diving so far. Hopefully soon.. although it is tough because neither of those are my husband's favs. I am jealous of Target! I've never been but it sounds wonderful and I've admired their website a few times! ;)

Nessa said...

Good job with the yard sale. I desperately need to have one of my own.
I find life so much easier once babies can ride solo in shopping carts. The car seat just takes up so much space.

princess apr said...

I'm awful. I hate competition. It makes me nervous so I look up the results while we watch so I can enjoy the competition without being nervous.

I stayed in until Laura was about 2 months old when I had my first girls' afternoon out. Since then, I probably do lunch, dinner and/or a movie at least once a month by myself. This month has been a little extravagant though. It's like I hardly have a kid I've been out so much. Ha.