Friday, July 6, 2012

6 Month Stats

I will post about our 4th of July later but I wanted to blog about Hunter's 6 month checkup and stats before I forget them. This blog is in large part a way to remember as much as I can about him growing up since I'm not so great about updating his baby book in a timely manner.

Weight- 20lbs 14ozs!! He's in the 90th percentile and gained exactly 1 pound since his visit for his ear infection on 6/11
Height- 26.5" He's in the 66% for height. So he's short and fat. HA!
Head Circumference- I can't remember but I know he's in the 97% (more on that later)

Hunters six month checkup went pretty well yesterday. In the past he's always been very smiley and happy during his exams however yesterday he was NOT in the mood for what was taking place. I don't know if he's starting to suffer from stranger danger or he was just pissed that he didn't get his full nap but he fussed and cried during the exam (which was not painful in anyway). Our doc is great, very calming and sweet and tried his damnedest to get a smile out of our dude to no avail. But the main thing is that he's healthy and developing right on schedule if not a little early.

His doctor said we can increase his intake of solids to 2-3 times a day if we want (he currently gets solids just for dinner) and he can eat pretty much anything other than fish, nuts or honey. When discussing his sleep habits and that he's still not regularly sleeping through the night his doc told us to just let him cry and after a few nights he should be better. I'm still on the fence about "crying it out" and have only done it in moderation a few times.

Time for shots! He did fine with the oral vaccine but then poor baby needed 3 shots in his chubby thighs. His face turned red and he did the silent scream before breaking out into heartbreaking cries. But once I picked him up he was fine and he took a nice little nap in the carseat and for about 30 minutes after we got him home. He was fussy last night but other than that was fine.

Now the one issue we did have was in regards to his ginormous head. His head measured large last time and the doctor said he would just keep his eye on the growth of it. Well it's still large, though he does seem to be slowly growing into it. The doctor knows that large heads run in my husbands side of the family (ALL the men have big heads) so he's not really worried but wants us to get an ultrasound of his head just to be on the safe side. I'm not worried at all, as I said it runs in the family and I expected him to have a big head but like the doctor said better safe than sorry. So we go next Wednesday to check out his big brain.

Next well check isn't until 9 months and he'll just need a flu shot, no more vaccines at that one!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Happy 6 months!! Hard to beleive it's been that long already!

Heather said...

Happy six months to Hunter! It sounds like he's definitely growing into a strong and healthy boy!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw happy 6 months to Hunter! Almost a year! So crazy how time flies! he's so precious and has brought so much joy to your lives in such a short amount of time! :)

Meg said...

Happy 6 months chunk! I love that he is a healthy big boy, good luck with the cry it out, I'd probably do it too at the 6 month point especially when he is as big as he is!

Lacey Bean said...

Wow 6 months already! Sadie is a peanut compared to him, and pretty much the opposite! She's tall (75th %) and skinny!

Stephanie said...

I am so happy to read about another growing healthy boy! C had a surprise ped appt this week for a gnarly dipe rash and I posted on Fb that he weighed in at 18.85lbs, he'll be 5 months Sunday. The response I got left something to be desired from my 'friends' - (whoa! OMG! boy must like to eat! and my fave, 'he's almost a toddler') C too is a shorty at just 25 inches and at 4 months his head was 17 inches and huge too! LOVE our boys and I'm glad Hunter's healthy and well!!

Also, I agree with others about trying CIO. We just started with C this past weekend on Saturday night. The longest he cried was 15 minutes before passing out. We did the whole 5 min CIO and settle him, 10 min CIO and settle him and then 15 min CIO and he settled himself. And last night on CIO night 4, he slept without a peep from 8pm to 4:30am (and I probably just jinxing myself for a rocking night 5!)