Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Odds and Ends

I'm much too tired to formulate a coherent blog post on any one particular topic so this will be bullet point style:

-After sleeping like shit for the past week and a half, Hunter finally got a 5 hour stretch of sleep last night. I'm hoping whatever the hell was waking him up every 2 hours is gone.

-Because of the lack of sleep I'm taking a vacation day from work tomorrow, dropping the kid off at daycare and coming home to SLEEP and rest and relax. Three things I haven't had much of the past 3 months.

-Since he seemed to be hungry a lot more at night and in an effort to get him to sleep longer we gave him a little bit of rice cereal in his bedtime bottle for two nights, it didn't work (he was still waking up every 2 hours), we suspect it made him gassy. Our daycare lady suggested Oatmeal instead. Last night (when he finally slept well again he had just gotten breast milk). I think I will hold off on anything else until he hits the 4 month mark.

-Kristian had to work late last night so I left work a little early to pick Hunter up from daycare (Kristian usually picks him up) and when I walked in I could hear him fussing in his bouncy chair. I walked over and got down in front of him and he stopped fussing and gave me the biggest open mouth smile. Those are the moments that melt me into a puddle of mommy mush.

-This morning when I dropped him off at daycare I laid him in his crib and he smiled at me, grabbed my finger and held on when I tried to leave. Those are the moments that break my mommy heart.

-In non-Hunter news we had our living room and bedroom painted last week (I plan to write a separate post on this when I get my brain capacity back). I LOVE the bedroom color, not so much a fan of the living room color but almost anything is better than boring white walls.

-I've started reading the much hyped about book Fifty Shades of Grey and the sex scenes are as racy as people say. I'm about a third of the way through the book and so far it's okay, I'm hoping it gets better. It doesn't help that I'm only able to read it in short increments, typically while I'm pumping.

-I got a raise yesterday! I haven't had one in a couple years but in this economy I know how lucky I am just to have a nice paying job let alone a raise and I do typically get 1-3 bonuses a year so not getting a raise didn't bother me too much but it's definitely a nice treat. With the way Hunter is outgrowing his clothes I need all the extra money I can get.

-Pinterest has become my ultimate time suck and not a day goes by when at some point I don't say to Kristian "so I saw this thing/idea/recipe on Pinterest today...."


princess apr said...

Aw, sorry the sleeping's not working out. Is he nearing a growth spur? Laura would always eat a lot and is very fussy when she sleeps when she goes through growth spurs even to this day. Currently, it's only once a year (and it looks like she's finally getting over her last one after a rough couple of weeks - for Rob anyway).

Does he have things to amuse him in the nursery or is he needy/hungry when he wakes up? He has a mobile, right? Laura would always fixate and then go back to sleep. So, she didn't need us much as a baby before she fell asleep on her own. Right now, she needs music to fall asleep which is fine until she wakes up at night and then she asks for it to be turned back on. Fortunately and unfortunately, Laura is trained to never get out of bed until the morning. So, she'll yell out if she has to go to the bathroom or have her music/nightlight turned on. We've told her she can do this herself, but she just never gets out of bed. It also may have to do with the fact she was in a crib much longer than other kids.

Stephanie said...

Does Hunter get both formula and breast milk? I know he is out daycare so I was just curious. I am 12 weeks and have started researching breastfeeding tips/tricks and I don't think I handle feedings for a long time, the pain might be too much but I thought of doing both and just adding the breast milk to the formula. What are you thoughts/opinions?

And about the living room color, we just redid our bathroom and I'm not crazy on the color but it's better than what was up before.

Brittany said...

congrats on your raise! that is always exciting. And I have heard so much about that book so I am going to buy it when I get a chance.

Heather said...

Sorry about all the frustrations, but congrats on getting a raise! That's awesome! I hope Hunter sleeps well tonight and that you're able to get in some good relaxation during the day tomorrow.

beka said...

I can't imagine how sleepy you must be- I hope that your rest day is full of all that sleep you need! That's a great idea.

So proud of you for your raise - RIGHT after coming back from maternity leave! Go, mama!

Can't wait to see your paint colors!

beka said...

I can't imagine how sleepy you must be- I hope that your rest day is full of all that sleep you need! That's a great idea.

So proud of you for your raise - RIGHT after coming back from maternity leave! Go, mama!

Can't wait to see your paint colors!

The Hudack Family said...

Oh my gosh - Savannah slept through the night last night for the first time in 2 weeks!!! It was heaven but I'm still exhausted. I even thought about taking vacation tomorrow and still taking her to day care also - bad but hey sometimes you NEED sleep!! And I am addicted to pinterest. I would love to follow you - what's your name?

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear Hunter's have sleep issues, I feel your pain with our little guy as you saw from my post today ;) Yay for those smiles and ugh to leaving him, I'm dreading days like that and think I'll be making Rick do drop offs to so its easier on me! Also, thats awesome about your raise - congrats! Super exciting!! And yes, Pinterest - whats your name so we can follow each other!