Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!! I'm so excited to actually get some trick or treaters tonight. I always love seeing the kids (especially the little ones) dressed up. When we lived in the condo we never got any trick or treaters but we now live in a community FULL of kids so tonight should be fun. And while we did buy pumpkins we totally slacked on actually carving them. Maybe if Kristian gets home early enough he'll do one.

We were lame this year and didn't go out to celebrate even though I had the perfect costume idea if we had--- I would wear some thrift store wedding dress that would highlight my belly and he would wear a wife beater, bow tie and carry a shotgun and we would be a 'shotgun wedding'. But alas we stayed in most of the weekend due in part to the lousy weather Mother Nature threw our way. Umm Snow in October? What?!

Tonight however I believe Kristian and Moxie plan on doing a daddy/fur-daughter costume to answer the door that may involve some headgear.

Yep I live with these two jokers.

I'm more excited for next year and dressing the little one up in some costume that will surely embarrass him in 20 years when we show his future wife. Maybe something like this:

Mr. T!!!!!
**Someone posted this on Facebook so not sure who to credit**

Hope everyone has a very happy Halloween!!

**Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from my maternity photo session yesterday. They look awesome!


Kristen said...

OMG that Mr. T costume is hilarious!

Candice said...

have you seen this video

april said...

Aw. That is the cutest costume. I wish we had been more creative, but we got such a deal that first year.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Have fun passing out candy! I'm looking forward to seeing the cute kids all dressed up too! :)

BTW loved that Mr. T costume! I saw it on Pinterest not too long ago and about died laughing! ;)

Looking forward to seeing your maternity session pics!

KLaw said...

I actually saw a little boy wearing this at the mall this weekend. Hilarious!

Happy Halloween! Your prints went out in the mail today :)

Heather said...

Happy Halloween! The snow this weekend sucked, but hopefully that's the last of it until much later in the season. That photo of Kristian and Moxie is so cute!

~KS said...

Your jokers are hysterical!!! Hahaha... and that Mr. T costume is a riot!!! Can't wait to see your little dude in it next Halloween!!

We got 4 trick or treaters... better than none. But I miss the days in my old house when I would get hundreds...

Venassa said...

I love your shotgun wedding costume idea. Too bad you didn't get to use it. The MR T costume is too cute!