Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last Sunday after a quick stop at my in-laws we decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall day and stop by a pumpkin patch that is close to our house. We plan to actually carve a pumpkin or two this year since we finally live someplace where we can expect a good number of trick-or-treaters. Moxie was with us so we had to get a couple pictures of her first trip to the pumpkin patch.

She was a bit too excited to sit still.

Shorts and t-shirts in Oct. gotta love warm fall weather.

It looks like I'm trying to smuggle a pumpkin out under my shirt.

I think my belly is bigger than the pumpkin I'm holding.

We didn't stay very long since we had the dog with us but it was a nice little trip and I'm excited to carve some pumpkins this year and get a bit more into the Halloween spirit.


Marian said...

Oh my goodness...that first pic of Moxie is adorable!! Looks like a great time...and perfect weather!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Moxie in the pumpkin patch. Seriously cutest thing ever!

Heather said...

Aw, Moxie looks so cute next to the pumpkins that are bigger than she is! We need to head out to a patch soon to pick up a couple pumpkins, too.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aww so cute! I laughed when you said you looked like you smuggled a pumpkin! :)

We're actually going to a pumpkin patch tonight! Looking forward to getting some to decorate!

april said...

Aw, Moxie is so cute!

I don't usually carve a pumpkin, but I'm going to try this year. We're doing it big for Halloween because Laura's birthday is 10/28 so big Halloween costume party. I should probably get the decorations out, too. Ugh. They're in the closet I never open.

Teenage Bride said...

We are taking Juliette to the pumpkin patch on the 27th so exciting!!

Meg said...

Love these pics, you definitely look like you are trying to smuggle a pumpkin under your shirt. I love it!

Moxie is adorable.

iris said...

Haha, my sister has a dachshund. Those pups are so cute.