Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shower Recap Part 2- Friends, Games and Gifts

We had a pretty good turnout for the shower, I think we invited around 30 people and about 15 or so came. Most of my friends live out of state so I knew there was a good chance a lot of them wouldn't be able to make it. That was the only disappointing part but since I know how hard it is to travel for events I understood. It actually worked out great, our house is a good size but still not big enough to accommodate a really large crowd, we were able to fit everybody in comfortably and thank God we had the perfect fall weather (sunny and 70's) so that people could spill out onto the deck.

Below are some pictures of the guests.

Here I am with Kristen, Colleen and Kelli. We are all in the same sorority (actually Kelli and I went to high school together as well). Both Kristen and Kelli have 1 year old little boys so I'm excited to join the club!

Here I am with Kristen's son Smith, cutest dude at the party! He really did well and all the ladies couldn't get enough of him.

Here's a pic with my mom and brother. My mom is very excited about her first grandson (she already has two grand-daughters) and my brother can't wait to buy boy toys for his first nephew.

My friend Colleen took charge of the baby shower games. The first game was actually suggested by Kristian. Everyone donated a dollar and got a raffle ticket where they wrote their name and their guess for the day and time that the baby will arrive. Whoever ends up closest will win the pot. I believe the dates ranged from Dec. 13th to Dec. 29th. (My due date is Dec. 26th)

We also played the game where everyone got a ball of yarn and had to cut a piece of yarn based on how big they thought my belly was around. We actually had a tie, my aunt and cousin were almost dead on. Everyone else WAY overestimated my size. Thanks ladies!

We also had a baby themed word scramble and baby themed Mad Libs where everyone had to fill in the blanks about their thoughts and wishes for the baby (unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of that). Everyone apparently thinks the baby will look like his daddy. Again Thanks Ladies!

Below are ac couple pictures from the games.

*check out Moxie and Smith eyeballing the lollipops. Partners in crime*

Now onto the gifts. Everyone was so generous and we couldn't be more thankful. Between the shower gifts, presents we received prior and items we've been able to borrow from friends we're almost completely set for our little man's arrival. The only big item we still need is a glider and then some smaller stuff like bottles and extra crib sheets etc.

Below are pictures of just some of the great gifts we received.

My aunt (the lady in the chair next to me) made this Christmas stocking for our little guy. It's in the VA Tech colors (where Kristian went to school). We said if the next one is a girl she'll get a purple and gold stocking for ECU. My Aunt has made everyone in our family (including Kristian- his is a camo hunting boot) our own knit stocking so I was psyched that our son will have one too!

My other aunt gave us a bunch of bibs and blankets she made as well including the camo blanket below. This way the baby will fit in when hanging out downstairs in the man cave.

We got a lot of soft blankets which is nice since we're having a winter baby. I can't wait to cuddle him in these.

How cute is this little robe? When I showed it to Kristian he was like "Oh My God we're having a baby" Something about seeing the little robe made it real to him. Apparently my Ginormous belly hadn't tipped him off yet.

We got a lot of cute little onesies and outfits, that tupperware bin is full of clothes from my mom. People always talk about how cute little girls clothes are but boys clothes are freaking adorable in my opinion.

We now have a little Christmas outfit just in case he comes a few days early. Depending on when he comes this may be his coming home outfit.

We also got a lot of bibs, this one says "My dad is cooler than your dad" Love it! Also, Kristen gave us my favorite bib that says "These two dumbasses put my cape on backwards" hahaha (unfortunately I don't have a picture of that one)

Here is Kristian's diaper bag, we each wanted our own and he wanted something a bit smaller and more manly. This was one of his favorite gifts.

Here is my diaper bag, I wanted a bag that looked more purse like. I think it's really cute!

My mom got us our crib bedding that we wanted from Target. I can't wait to see how this looks all setup in the nursery.

The two ladies that helped as my wedding day coordinators chipped in and bought us our baby monitors!!!

My brother bought us our high chair. Kristian picked this one out, he liked the silver and thought it would go well in our dining room.

We got a lot of other great gifts but I didn't want to post 50 pictures. Now we just have to figure out where to put everything!!

So there you have it. My shower was awesome and full of lots of love and everyone is so excited to meet his little especially!!!!


Heather said...

Totally awesome! I love all of those creative games, and it looks like you got some really awesome gifts!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yay, so fun. And you look beautiful!

april said...

I have a girl so I'm always in love with little boy clothes. Little short pants, hats, little suits. The little sweater vests are the death of me. I think I buy the nephews tons of sweater vests.

It does become more real when you have little things all over the house. These next few months will be special with all the anticipation and the realization that everything is about to change in unknown ways.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Looks like baby P is one lucky little man!! Lots of great things!

I forgot to tell you yesterday, I LOVE your dress! It's such a pretty shade of blue, you looked great!

Saying I do said...

so awesome! What a great shower and what great gifts! You look positively glowing in all these's so exciting!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride / Fry, The Baby} said...

Your shower looks fabulous, and I love all the photos! The gifts are great and I'm lovin all the blue :)

beka said...

Your blue dress is beautiful! I love it. Great choice.

Looks like an awesome shower! The decor post was great too, so fun!