Friday, August 19, 2011

Suggestions Needed

I'm putting out a request for any suggestions for potential boy names. The one thing I was dreading about having a boy was picking a name. I knew it wouldn't be easy for us to agree on one and I was right. I think we FINALLY agreed on a middle name, though it's not without some compromise but now the tricky part is the first name. I can't tell you how tempting it is to just have the kid and wait until he's old enough to pick his own name but I think that would make the whole birth certificate deal a bit tricky.

There is one name we do both like and unless we can come up with something else we like better that will probably be the name we go with but I'm just not sure I'm 100% sold on it so I'm open for suggestions.

Here are some things we're considering when it comes to the name:

-We don't want something SUPER popular. I don't want our kid to be one of 5 of the same name in his classes. So anything in the Top 10 baby names is definitely out. Would prefer to say out of the Top 50 if possible.

-We want something not super common but also not really weird or hard to pronounce. Cool and unique but not a WTF kind of name. If that makes sense.

-Trying to stay away from names that end in 'son', 'sen', 'syn' etc. I don't want the first and last names to rhyme. We also are trying to avoid names that start with P since our last name starts with P.

I feel like I've looked at every name imaginable already but maybe I'm missing something. And who knows if we pick your suggestion maybe I'll send you a prize!


Laura said...

Boys names are SO hard! There are very few I actually like, and the ones I do, my husband isn't a huge fan. (This is all hypothetical - We likely won't have kids for 4 more years or so.) The only one we've agreed that we both like is Cohen. And as of now, it's not a popular one! I work with kids, and Hayden/Jayden/Aidan/Kayden gets so old. Hope someone gives you an idea you love! :)

Brittney said...

I tend to steer toward biblical names (for some reason... I'm not particularly religious). So I really love names like Noah, Josiah, etc... as well as classic names: Matthew, Daniel, Christopher (unfortunately for me, I dated guys with all of these classic names.. so they are all out for me! lol)

Heather said...

We've talked about boy names, too, for when the time comes, and we always have a hard time thinking of ones we really like. Our current faves are William, Logan, Corey and Patrick, none of which are super original, I guess. I hope someone will have a suggestion that jumps out at you!

Jessi said...

Our little guy is Liam. Different enough to be different, but not totally out there. Good luck...we searched forever to come up with his name.

Krystal said...

We really liked Hunter but thought it might be a little too Southern. As a little boy it's cute but when he gets older Hunter might not be cool? I don't know! We also met someone named Cannon which we thought was a little too punk rock but adorable. Boys names are soooo hard.

Venassa said...

When I was still looking up boys names I loved Toby, Logan, Liam and Noah. Good luck deciding! I finally know from experience how much better you feel when you finally decide on a name.

Julianne said...

I love the name Andrew!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

We had the hardest time with Jamie. Or maybe I should say, I had the hardest time convincing the husband. :) Here were a few other names on our short list:


If we have another boy, I'm leaning towards Harrison...but that breaks your "ends in..." rule. :)

Marcy XOXO said...

Gah there are so many!!! It is soooooo hard to choose! I hate when I love a name but am reminded by someone or something I don't like then I can't use the name! I love Carter, Cadence, Chase, Cayden, Braden, Corey... So many more but there are so many right there already LOL I know I wasn't any help =)

Mrs. Werginz said...


Teenage Bride said...

Oh my goodness my husband and I could not agree on one single boy name. I loved Emmett and William but my husband could not even think of one he liked. Good thing we had a girl haha

westcoastsoul said...

I love Ethan and Aidan : )

april said...

We only had one boy name. It's still my one boy name so I'm not giving it to you. :)

Oh, I do agree with the above comment. Ethan is a name I really like.

We also picked the middle name first and I'm still not in love with Laura's name. I like it and I was never wedded to any other name so it's all good. We compromised on our name because it was the only one both of us tolerated and now it sort of fits her. She hasn't complained yet anyway!

It'll all come together. We made a list of around 10 and then narrowed it down from there.

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love that you don't want a popular name! We don't either (not having children for a little bit, but it's always fun thinking of names! ha!)

I love Aiden, Coleson/Cole, Trevor, Noah, and Blake.

However, I think we'll name our little boy Kai. It's Hawaiian and means Ocean, which we find so appropriate for our future little boy since his future parents love the beach and honeymooned in Hawaii! :)

Good luck!! Let us know what you decide!

Nicole-Lynn said...

^ I love Mrs. Werginz's name, Barrett!

Dani said...

We're opposite. We can NOT find a girl name we want. For a boy we are doing DH's middle name (Adam) but we can't agree on a girl's name. :/

Kristen said...

we had the opposite problem, we can only agree on boy names, if we have a daughter one day it will be a real challenge to agree on a name for her.


Those are some semi-common names.

Good luck!

Robbie said...

I like Blake, Parker, Preston, Nathan, Joshua, Spencer, Campbell, and Ryan. A friend of mine just had a boy and his name is Tucker Douglas. She almost went with Duncan, and I love that too, but I think Douglas was a family name :)

Meg said...

I have no suggestions for you girl--sorry, I am no help.

I am anxiously awaiting here the name of your little man once you decide. :)

BandD said...

Congrats on having a boy! I have a baby girl and went the super traditional route with her name (Laura, middle name is my maiden name). But if I had a boy...some of these names may be too trendy or too cool for school for me but I like:

Be sure the double check if you're concerned about popularity and trends!

Marian said...

The hubby is like 100% Irish so if we are lucky enough to have kids, I think we are going to head in that direction- Finn, Aiden, Seamus...but those are all some what out there. I'm a fan of the name Tucker. And some of these ladies gave some great suggestions as well. Love Liam and Hunter!

Polly said...

Brody, Oliver, Lucas, Miles, Jered, Kennington, Arthur, Gentry, Jaxon.........just a few on our list until we found out we are having a girl! Happy baby name planning :)

Marjorie said...

I'm a new follower, so "HI!"

It seems like every other person has suggested Logan. As the mother of a Logan, I'll suggest that you stay far away from that one. When I named my son almost 5 years ago, it wasn't very common (my rules were very similar to yours about not being popular but also not being weird), but now there are little Logans all over the place! Looking around his preschool classroom I would also suggest that you stay away from Aiden, Gage, and any form of Jackson. They are all really overused.

That said, there are some great suggestions here that I'll definitely be keeping on my future baby names list, such as Emmett, Asher, and Lucas. Good luck to you! Boys names have always been much harder for me to pick out than girls names!

This website is pretty cool and different from most baby name sites. It will tell you approximately how many people in the country have the name you like AND their average age.

carrie1 said...

I like my nephews name.. Zander.. you don't hear to many of those. =)

Chris and I had a hard time picking a boys name too.. I am just glad we finally picked one we both liked.