Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

I'll make this quick because after a long weekend my brain still isn't fully awake. Here's breakdown of how we spent our long holiday weekend:

-Saturday morning got up early and made the drive down to my in-laws beach house. Spent our time, hanging out on the deck, watching K and his dad fish, eating crabs, talking about the baby, arguing over the baby name (the naming process is NOT going to be fun), watched the movie Life As We Know It.

My mother-in-law always tries to get us to wear hats to keep the sun off our faces. Not my best look but I wanted to make her happy.

Discovered a new setting on my camera called Film Grain. Fun.

-Sunday- Woke up, ate pancakes and then drove home. Went out to dinner that night with two of our friends. Oh and Kristian got ANOTHER fish hook caught in his finger. Funny thing is he wasn't even fishing at the time. Sigh. He had to once again push the hook through and cut the end of it off in order to pull it out. And this is one of the reasons I pray we have a daughter, I don't know if I can handle a little boy that hurts himself as much as his father does.

-Monday- I went to the neighborhood pool while Kristian nursed his hangover. It's so nice to have a pool to go to again though apparently everyone else had the same idea and I got seriously the last chair available. Lesson learned, get there early! Spent the afternoon on the couch watching my DVR'd shows.

It was a wonderful long weekend that went by FAR too quickly. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Haha. Hats aren't my thing either....but I do have to agree with your MIL on this one. I wear one. I figure function over fashion sometimes is OK! :)

Oh, and if you plan on finding out the gender....it makes the name game a bit easier! At least you're only arguing over half the names! Some days I'm still surprised we EVER agreed on a boy name. I'm pretty sure my husband finally just gave in! :)

april said...

Aw, sounds fun.

Just wanted to say that a daughter might like fishing, too. Not any daughter of mine, but my daughter loves football so go figure.

Names were pretty easy for us. We had a list of 10 - each of us contributing. We vetoed 9 of them and only agreed on 1 so that was it. Once we decided we told everybody and they had no choice but to lie and say they liked it. It's still not my #1 pick, but it's a decent name.

I'm not looking forward to naming a second kid because (we've always had a boy name) girl names are tough and I feel like we'll never be able to pick another as easily. Though if we have another and it's a boy, decision's made.

I like the black and white! Very artsy!

Jen said...

I personally think you look great in your hat! Rock it, girl!

So jealous you had a beach house nearby to spend the holiday weekend at! I didn't even see a beach this weekend, and it was in the upper 80's (read, perfect beach weather) all weekend! Boo. Oh well, had a good weekend anyway.

Salt said...

I think you look cute in that hat!!

I am cringing over here at Kristian's finger...how exactly does one get a fish hook through their finger when they aren't even fishing?

Beautiful view from where you guys were! It sounds like a nice weekend!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Ouch -- that fish hook looks so painful! I once did something similar with a pencil, but I'm sure a fish hook is much, much worse!!

bekapaige said...

The finger. THE FINGER. :shudder:

I'm not sure I could handle a boy child either! :)

bananas. said...

how are you pregnant?! you're so tiny!!!!

ew to the gashed finger. OUCH!!!