Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday recap

I had a very nice birthday last Thursday. My coworkers surprised me with a delicious cake at work and then I came home to find this when I walked in the door:

Does it get much cuter than this? Nothing better than seeing my three favorite guys waiting for me with party hats.

Wendal and Halpert don't seem much in the party mood. Wonder why?

Kristian decorated the dining room and gave me some more little gifts. Since he had already given me my "big" gift the weekend before, which was my new camera, he had some smaller fun items for me like new makeup brushes, a book and yummy flavored chapstick.

The birthday girl.

He also made my favorite dessert, chocolate covered strawberries. He's owed me these since Valentine's Day when the stores were sold out of the good strawberries and he couldn't make some.

Since I hadn't been feeling that great all week we decided to just stay in and order pizza, which was perfect. After a long day of work and not feeling well I wasn't really up for a night out at a restaurant.

This weekend we laid low most of the time but then yesterday my mom and older brother came over and we had a belated birthday lunch which included more presents (mainly of the gift card variety). Between the gift cards we got for the housewarming party and now my birthday I have a lot of shopping in my future.


Marian said...

Looks like a perfect birthday. And I am now craving chocolate covered strawberries:)

Chocolate Lover said...

Awww so sweet! I love that he decorated too!

Teenage Bride said...

awww what a great husband you have, the picture of the cats is too funny!

Marcy XOXO said...

How cute is that!!!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Summer Athena said...

oh honey! what a sweetheart. i am so glad you got spoiled on your big day. xx

Melissa said...

Cheers to your birthday. Your "boys" are adorable. Glad you were pampered.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Happy belated birthday! Looked like a fabulous little party! Loved the cats hats! haha

Lindsay said...

What a fun little party! How can you not smile when you have those faces welcoming you home with party hats? Too cute!