Friday, March 25, 2011

One month in

It's hard for me to believe but we've officially been in our new house for exactly one month today! In some ways it feels like we just moved in yesterday and in other ways it feels like we've lived here for years. I'm pretty proud of how much we've accomplished on the house in only one month. Yes we still have a LOT left to do and that will take money time but our house feels so homey and nice after 4 short weeks. The guest room and office are still not 100% unpacked but hopefully will be after this weekend. And we've only painted one room so far so I think the theme for April will be PAINT.

I know it's only been a month but I really do love our home and I'm so happy we moved here. In honor of our one month houseiversary I thought I would share what specifically I love about my new house. Maybe I'll share the things I don't love about it in another post because yes there are things I don't love about it.

**I love that we now live in a neighborhood. At the condo we lived 1 mile off of I-95 and another major road so there really wasn't a neighborhood around us and the closest one to us wasn't the nicest. We now live at the end of a long street surrounded by cute houses, playgrounds and woods. We are always seeing people out jogging, pushing strollers and walking their dogs. It's a very family friendly area.

**I love our neighbors, everyone that we've met so far has been so friendly and helpful. Most of them are couples in their 30's and 40's with young kids. The kids all seem to be really friendly and well behaved. And they all love our cats and come over asking if the cats can come out to play. HA!

**Our view. I've written about it before but we can't get over how great our view is of the water. In the afternoons we get to watch the crew teams from the local schools practice rowing down the river and it's just so quiet and peaceful.

**Stairs. This is probably an odd thing to love and I know many people would feel differently but I love living in a 3 level house with stairs. Not only does it make the house seem bigger but I actually enjoy the extra exercise, especially on the weekends when I feel I go up and down the stairs 25 times a day. I realize this will get old quick and once we have a kid I'll probably hate it but for now my legs are getting a much needed workout.

**Eating at the dining room table. Yes this is probably another odd thing to love. In our condo we rarely ate at the dining room table because when we did we couldn't see the t.v. and we I like to watch the news (okay it's E! News but still news) when we eat dinner. We use to eat at the coffee table but now we can eat at the dining room table like grown ups and watch the t.v. at the same time.

**Decorating together. When I moved into Kristian's condo it was pretty much all furnished/decorated. Yes I made some changes here and there but it was mainly HIS style. In the new place we've been able to decorate together and really make it OUR style.

**More space. With three levels and multiple rooms we have plenty of room to spread out and get away from each other when need be. Let's be honest even the closest couples need their alone time. And while I sometimes miss us hanging out ALL the time at home it's nice to be able to go to our own spots and just relax, watch what we want to on t.v. and recharge. I think it will definitely help our marriage last :)

**Room to entertain. It was tough having more than a few people over at one time at the condo, but here we have plenty of room. We've already had a few visitors and I love being able to show people our new house. We also plan to have a housewarming party soon and we've talked about hosting a Christmas and Superbowl party later in the year.

That's just a short list, I'm sure it will grow the longer we live there.

What do you love most about where you live?


Melissa said...

You've done more in a month than I think we've done in 6 years. I can't wait to see it...housewarming party soon?

Teenage Bride said...

so happy you love it!! We have been in our house for a little over a year and we still find ourselves talking about how much we love it!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Happy houseiversary! It sounds like such a beautiful home and location. When we buy a home someday, I hope we love it as much as you love yours!

Meg said...

Cute post, that is wonderful that you've been enjoying your home on so many levels (pun intended). I too love my house and have recently gotten into decorating and redoing stuff--that hubs isn't as interested in all this! Oh well.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey how exciting! One month! It's been one month for us too and it feels so wonderful to feel more settled! I'm glad you're able to eat dinner's together at the table, and have plenty of space.. sounds great!

I'm also looking forward to hosting a couple gatherings at our place this year. We still have a long way to go with decorating and getting new furniture which is having to wait until after our April wedding, but it's all coming along well. I'm looking forward to our housewarming in early June. I hope you enjoy yours and looking forward to hearing all about it!

Marian said...

Love the list!!! I'm a huge fan of the neighborhood I live in as well. Its a little rough around the edges, but when I get older it will lead to good stories:)