Monday, March 7, 2011

House Tour- Kitchen

As of this weekend we've unpacked a good 90% of the house. The only room we haven't touched yet is the office but hopefully we'll get to that soon. We haven't painted any of the rooms yet. We decided to move in, unpack everything and just live in the space for a bit before committing to any wall colors. We also knew the walls would get banged up a bit during the move so no point in painting twice. So there is still quite a bit to be done.

With that said the one room that is completely unpacked and more or less finished...for now... is our kitchen. Now here's the thing, the kitchen definitely needs some updating. We do have new appliances which is great (though not the stainless steel we prefer) but we want to eventually add granite counter tops, replace or paint the cabinets, add hardware, change out the floors etc but that takes time and more importantly money so it will be awhile before that gets done. Until then I think we've made the best with what we are working with.

When we first saw the house one of the things I worried about most was the size of the kitchen, it seemed so much smaller then the kitchen we had at the condo and we didn't think we would be able to fit all our dishes and cookware, which we have quite a bit of. To our surprise we've been able to fit most everything in our tiny little kitchen and in a weird way it now actually feels bigger. We still have long term plans for possibly expanding it but for now it works.

Here are some pictures we took when we first moved in and the kitchen was bare.

As you can see despite the new appliances it's fairly dated so we'll definitely need to update the counter tops and cabinets.

This area is to the left of the oven and as you can see there is a door that leads to the dining room and living room. There isn't much counter space in the kitchen so we've thought about long term plans of moving the refrigerator and cutting a whole in the wall to add a pass through to the dining room and adding more counter space under the pass through.

Here is the view from the entry way of the house and the kitchen is to the right of the entry. Once you enter the kitchen there is a large window on your right side.
Here is the kitchen all unpacked. All the cabinets are filled but well organized and so far the counter space has been adequate, though we haven't been cooking too much yet.

This is the view from the wall with the sink and oven looking at the entry way. We had both this small white pantry that we bought from IKEA and the pot rack we bought from Crate and Barrel at our condo and at both the condo and in our new house they have helped add so much extra storage space. This is the wall we though of eventually moving the fridge too if we want to add that pass through into the dining room. Though I must say I love having the pot rack there so we'll have to see.

Here is the view from the dining room entry. We have that large window which overlooks the street and the cats love to sit there. We've also though of building a window seat or bench there with more hidden storage but again that will be in the future.

So there's our kitchen. We have lots of ideas for changes but for now we really like it and the homey feel it has.


bekapaige said...

Ah sista, it looks as though we have the exact same cabinets in our new homes. I'm with you on wanting to paint them or ax them- although for the price and ease factor, I'm sure we'll just paint them rather than replacing. That pot rack addition was genius, what a lot of space that gives you- I think the kitchen is looking adorable all moved in!

Silver Strands said...

I just came over from Teenage Bride's blog. Glad I found you ... when we got our first home (tiny little place) it felt like a mansion, because it was OURS. Looking forward to seeing more of your blogs.

bananas. said...

i love the big window in your kitchen. natural light is always a plus! and even though your kitchen is small, as you say, you still have plenty of room for both of you in it at the same time.

Jen said...

You have made such great use of the space you have, and I think it looks great! Your cabinets should be easy to update with some paint and modern hardware, and once you replace your countertops, I think it will really amp up the style. I love your ideas for stretching the storage space even further with a window seat.

I can't wait to see the rest of the house!

Teenage Bride said...

we had to do some slight remodeling to our kitchen when we moved in as well. But once all of our stuff was put away it just felt so cozy. Despite the size (ours is pretty mcuh the same layout as yours) whenever I haev people over they tend to gether in the kitchen... they say it feels warm and cozy... plus it alwasy smells like whatever I am baking ..mmmm

so happy for you!!!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Nice kitchen! How exciting to be getting settled in your new house.

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

sweets, it is awesome! i know you are having fun setting it up. so fun and new. it seems pretty open to me. i like it!

Lindsay said...

The counter space may be minimal, but I wouldn't say that kitchen is small at all! From the pictures it looks like a really good size, nice and spacious. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Lauren said...

It's a great space with LOTS of potential! I really love it, especially that big window. :)

Congrats on the move and the new place! I can't wait to see the rest!