Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House Tour- Entryway

In our old condo we didn't have much of an entryway and whenever we came home we would throw all our mail, keys, purse/wallet on our dining room table (which we never used for eating). When we moved to the townhouse I didn't want to continue the habit of throwing everything on our dining room table, especially since we do now use it when we eat dinner.

In order to have a place to put our mail, keys, phones etc. when we get home I decided to buy a small console table to put in our entryway. Below is a view looking at the entryway from the inside. We may get around to painting this area at some point but I don't really mind the white walls in this space for now.

Below is a view of our entryway from the staircase. The kitchen is to the right of the entry.

I found a great little console table on CSN's website. It's the perfect size, color and even has a little drawer for storage. We also put up a little shelf for one of our plants.

We hung a mirror above the table for those last minute touch-ups before we leave the house. Kristian had this mirror prior to us meeting so I don't know where it's from but I've always really liked it.

I also bought a little desk organizer from Bed, Bath and Beyond to help organize the mail/bills and a place to the throw our keys and whatnot.

*I apologize for the shitty pictures, our camera decided to die on us this weekend so I was forced to use my blackberry*

I love that we now have a nice area to put our stuff when we first walk in the door so that we're not constantly looking for keys, sunglasses etc. and it keeps our dining room table open for actually eating on.


Meg said...

Very cute little entry way, it looks really similar to mine. I really like that mirror. I too had to put a little table in our entry way because our kitchen table turned into a catchall also--hated it!

KLaw said...

So so so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I like that idea. We're in the habit of using our dining room table as a landing zone for everything, except dining. It's not good.

Lexilooo said...

that looks adorable!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Nice little table and cute entryway! We also have a small table in our front hall to corral mail, shopping bags, etc., so that it doesn't pile up elsewhere.

bananas. said...

i wish i had an entryway for this very reason. i love those little entryway tables and mirrors...and even better benches for kicking off your shoes and parking your bum after a long day.

Teenage Bride said...

that table is perfect!