Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Furniture

So I learned this week that the furniture store is much like Target for me, you go in intending to only buy something small like Shampoo and you walk out $100 later. Happens. Every. Time.

We we went to Value City Furniture the other night intending to just look for a new couch and walked out with an order for a new couch AND a whole new bedroom set. Budget Schmudget.

In all fairness we were planning to eventually get a new bedroom set since currently our bedroom consists of a hodge podge of furniture we've both collected over the years. While browsing the store we saw a bedroom set we both really loved and the pricing was very reasonable compared to what we've seen elsewhere for similar. So we bit the bullet and ordered both the couch and the bedroom set. And I'm now putting the kibosh on anymore big purchases for a while.

Everything will be delivered on the 25th which works out perfectly since we are having the movers come on the 26th to move everything else. It will be so nice to have furniture we picked out together and that matches! Definitely a sign of adulthood.

Here are the pictures I took in the store. Pardon the shitty quality I only had my blackberry with me for pictures at the time.

 We ordered the couch in this color, it's called Cobblestone. Doesn't Kristian look comfy?

We'll need to get some colorful pillows to dress this up a bit.

The bedroom furniture is an espresso color, I know it looks black in the picture. We ordered the bed (we will use our current mattress), two nightstands, the dresser and mirror and the chest that's in the picture below. We did not get the black bench at the foot of the bed.

 The bottom of the bed has two drawers on each side which will be great for more storage. I told Kristian this is where his clothes can go and I get the rest!
I also ordered a new duvet cover for our room from Overstock. We decided to go with a soothing sage color. We'll also bring in some more colors later with some more pillows, the curtains and maybe an area rug.

It's all slowly coming together and I'm very excited, though less excited about the bills and the new mortgage payment.


Teenage Bride said...

I love the bed with drawers... instead of shoving stuff under the bed, I can cram it in the bed instead!!! haha

bekapaige said...

The drawers are amazing, what a great idea! I think the sage will look amazing with espresso furniture, very spa-like.

Lindsay said...

That couch looks so comfy! I love the idea of drawers under the bed, such great storage space.

KLaw said...

Looks FABULOUS!!!!

bananas. said...

dang are big pimpin! that bed looks like you'll need a step stool. haha!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Woo hoo! Yey for making a decision and finding something you both liked! Love the couch and the color! So nice! Also your bedroom set is very nice! Love the espresso color! All of our furniture is that color and I've been registering for a lot of espresso things.


Mrs. Lopez said...

Love the furniture! You did a great job picking it out!

Marian said...

Seriously, when we visited the VCF near our house I didn't have high expectations. It was in a dicey part of town and the people outside kind of scared me...but some of their stuff is real nice...and great prices!! I couldn't believe it. We got our bedset from there as well (and I actually think we looked at the same one as you guys got...but ended up going with something in white). But I had regretted buying our couches at another store because they had some great selections there.

Bicoastal Bride said...

Love both sets! Great choices, and totally worth it.

Laura said...

The new furniture and decorating are definitely the fun parts of getting a house! :) The mortgage payment? Not so much.

I love the couch you chose! And that bedroom set is gorgeous - I can't wait to see it with your bedding!

Annie said...

i LOVE it all!! i really like the color of your bedroom furniture too! we did cullen's furniture in espresso and i'd love to have our bedroom furniture that color some day as well.
the couch looks super comfy!!
can't wait to see it all set up in your new home :)
happy friday, have a great weekend!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Heeey! Is that an Ashley counch? It looks just like mine! The only difference is mine is a pale light blue :)

Super comfy!

I love the bedrrom set, too.

Cute blog!

Saying I do said...

wow i looove that couch!! I'm going to look into one just like that for our house after the wedding!

Samantha said...

I just started reading your blog today and I was shocked to see that you just bought my exact same couch! I got it in white instead of gray. It's wonderful for having friends sleeping over and really making the living room a bit cozier.