Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yummy Yummy Goodness

We've scheduled our tasting with our Caterer for Feb. 19th. This will be our opportunity to decide on our menu as well as pick out the linens/china etc. We went to an open house tasting they had a few months back so we have tried their food before and really enjoyed it but now we have the opportunity to actually pick out what we want to try from their menu.

Since we've decided to go with a buffet we were told to pick out 1 salad, 3 entrees and 3 sides from their menu to taste test. Ultimately we will settle on 1 salad, 2 entrees and 2 sides for the buffet. We both looked at the menu online last night and have decided we want to taste the following:

Field greens tossed with sweet pears, toasted
walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and our cranberry
citrus vinaigrette
**I think this will be a nice refreshing salad for an evening May wedding

Tender beef medallions presented atop a bed of
caramelized onions, tomatoes and arugula.
Drizzled with a delicious shallot –brandy sauce

Tender breast of chicken rolled in spicy pecans,
and then drizzled with a light cream sauce
**We tried this at their open house tasting and both really liked it

Open faced seashell pasta tossedwith jumbo sea
scallops and shrimp in a creamy lobster based sauce

Green Beans with Caramelized Onions &
Toasted Almonds

Sharp White Cheddar & Gruyere
Macaroni & Cheese

Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

Between now and the tasting I've given Kristian the task of pricing out what it would cost for us to supply our own alcohol for the wedding. This way we'll have some numbers for comparison when we go for the tasting and can decide if we want the caterer to supply the alcohol or not.

What have you eaten at weddings that you did and did not like?


Dani said...

Well, I went to one wedding where the alcohol was 2 bottles of boons farm on each table and dinner out of crock pots...I'm serious...

So I'm pretty sure whatever you pick you'll be just fine! Everything you listed sounded yummy!

april said...

Um, I think I went to the same wedding as Dani. There were like 5 crockpots and spam salad. Seriously.

It's not what you eat, it's how it's cooked. I had a double plate of chicken and salmon except it was spinach chicken and I don't eat spinach or fish. I ended up not eating dinner at all and eating 5 pieces of cake which, I suppose, worked out for the best. :) Will your caterer have a vegetarian option? We had a bunch of vegetarians who wouldn't eat seafood. I was less concerned about the 1 vegan. We had prime rib and stuffed shrimp if I recall correctly. I figured that would make the vegetarians happy, but then there were the wacky vegans (and there were like double digits - how did a vegetarian end up at an event of mine?)

I don't know how you'll pick between the sides. They all sound delish especially those green beans.

Is there a way to label your food? Just wondering. I'm not going but I'm crazy allergic to walnuts but most people who are allergic just avoid anything with a nut to be safe. Still sounds yummy and it's only the salad. :)

I've only been to one wedding where the food was outrageously good and it's a blur because I got wasted and never got to digest it anyway.

My brother-in-law and his wife had a nice seafood bake for their wedding (but they got married on the beach). They provided their own alcohol because it was cheaper and they got to keep all the extras and have a party after their honeymoon. They hit up like Total Wine and got mostly staple middle of the road liquor for mixed drinks.

miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

Wow, that looks like an excellent menu. But yeah, make sure to have a non-meat & non-fish option if you have vegetarians or vegans in the crowd. A lot of people think vegetarians will eat fish, but most people who consider themselves vegetarian do not. There seems to be a lot of confusion around that and I would hate to have guests be unable to eat a main dish.
I don't think I've ever had anything at a wedding that I really didn't like though, as long as the food is warm, I think you'll be good to go.

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Yum! Sounds amazing!

Mrs T said...

That all sounds lovely. Have fun at the tasting.

Stephanie said...

That sounds delicious!

Our wedding was hosted at a steakhouse, so of course we had amazing steaks, but we also had tasty chicken, and salmon.

For me, the big deal is the cake, but your menu sounds so tasty!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Have fun! It sounds like you have a lot of great options. We’re serving Mexican food because it’s always been our favorite, and I can’t say I’ve ever been to a wedding where I didn’t like the food. But then again, I love to eat. :)

bananas. said...

it's official...i'm crashing your wedding if that's your menu. beef medallions with shallot in brandy sauce?! uh YUMMM!!!!

and scallops are my absolute FAVORITE.

hope you and K won't mind a shorty wedding crasher popping up. don't worry i give good gifts ;)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

That all sounds delicious. I'm now officially hungry! I'm a steak girl, so when it comes to weddings, if beef is an option, I'm all over it!

KLaw said...

I can't lie... beef medallions kinda make me a little unsettled, but thats not for any other reason than I apparently can't eat steak right now. It sounds sooo amazing. That salad? Are you kidding me with that? Yum!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

OMG. I am so hungry! I love dishes that are pecan crusted. hahah.

BTW, I never wrote back to you about your FB email to me. Thank you so much!


Chocolate Lover said...

The food sounds delish! I'm sure your guests will love it!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh that salad sounds divine!

Alicia said...

i am SO hungry right now!! i'm the wrong person to ask because i'm allergic to everything, but what you have sounds delish!!

Kristin said...

OMG, that all sounds incredible. Your guests are going to be eatin' gooooood. The mac & cheese alone would make me happy. Ah ha ha

MODG said...

i'd rather have like GREAT fish than eh filet.

Iva said...

this whole menu sounds amazing!! I will have to find my way over to your wedding! :) you have me drooling at 10:30 AM!!!! lol