Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend/Wedding Updates

Since I didn't have any real set plans for Saturday I spent most of the afternoon/evening working on wedding stuff.

-First I cleaned out, added to and re-organized my wedding notebook which houses all my vendor contracts, budgets and photo inspirations.

-I started looking online for potential flower girl dresses. Since my nieces are growing at top speed I didn't want to buy their dresses too early. I found three potential dresses which were reasonably priced and sent to my sister in law for her opinion. She said she liked all three and would buy whichever I wanted. She also suggested going to a lady she knows that is a dressmaker, does a wonderful job and doesn't charge a lot. This way we could design the dresses for the girls and have them made to size. I loved this idea and we have a plan to go this weekend with my nieces to see the lady. I'm hoping for something similar to the below but with thicker straps, a black sash and a pink flower pin. I love the lace at the top which would compliment the lace on my dress.


-I also found a veil on Ebay that is very similar to the one I found at the bridal shop that unfortunately cost $500!! Since I can't spend $500 on a veil I've been searching for something similar and finally found it for a more budget friendly price. Now I just have to see if my bid wins. If so I'll post a picture.

-For our guest book we are taking our engagement photos and creating a photobook for the guests to sign. I started playing around with pictures and layouts and so far I'm loving it. I plan to have my FMIL take a look at it before I print since she use to be the Yearbook advisor back in her teaching days and knows a lot about layout and design.

-I ordered a key component to the favors that we plan on giving out but that will be a separate post.

-I contacted our caterer about setting up our tasting to pick our menu and linens and I think we're going to do it sometime in February.

-We finally found our DJ!! We did a phone interview with Terry from Bialek Music's Thursday night and had the company send us the contract today which I passed along to my mom since she's paying for the DJ. We're both really excited and think he'll do a great job.

-Oh yeah and we bought our plane tickets for the honeymoon!!!!! We went to my brother's house yesterday so Kristian could help him paint his bedroom, while I sat on the couch and continued reading Eclipse (yes I did offer to help but I SUCK at painting...they fired me after they saw that I couldn't even tape off the room properly). Then we searched flights and booked the tickets which my brother is paying for in addition to our accomodations. Have I mentioned he's awesome because he is. We fly out at 6am the Monday after the wedding, arrive in St. Lucia at 1:30pm and then return the next Monday (Memorial Day) at 6pm.

All in all if was a pretty productive weekend planning wise. I suspect a lot more of my weekends between now and May 22nd will be full of wedding planning fun.


Elizabeth Marie said...

You are just checking tons of things off your list!! And one more today! lol :)

YAY for the honeymoon being signed, sealed, delivered. You have so much to look forward to!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Wow! It sounds like you’re getting a lot done! I love your inspiration photo for the flower girl dress! We don’t have a flower girl, but seeing cute designs like that makes me wish we did!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive Saturday to me!

KLaw said...

You are on a ROLL!!!

Jenni said...

Thats so wonderful! WOW! You have gotten a LOT done!!!! I LOVE that little flowergirls dress. If I were having a flower girl I would definitly choose something like that!!!
PS-Your question was answered today :)

meredith said...

aww, super cute dress!! you've gotten a ton done, that's awesome! i love productive weekends.

bananas. said...

Dang girl, you dont mess around! Getting things done....i like it! You're my kind of girl.

Hope you win the veil. Beware of sniper bidders. I should know...i'm one of them. Haha.

april said...

Very exciting! Must be nice to check things off a list or at least progress.

What kind of veil do you like? My sister may have hers still. I've mentioned this before, but I had mine made and rented it from some place on Rt. 123. That way it was the perfect length. I also had the option to buy after I was married but decided against it. Good luck on the ebay bid though!

Kristin said...

A photo book sounds like such a fun idea for a guest book!

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

St Lucia! I'm jealous! Your brother is amazing for paying for all that! My brother in law got us nothing! I don't know why veils are so expensive. I was lucky enough to borrow my matron of honor's veil and it matched my dress perfectly.

Llama said...

aww! that dress is adorable!

Kym said...

i love your idea for the flower girl dresses!! white, black, and pink is a good combo! :)

and yayyyy to your honeymoon tix being booked!!!!