Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010...Nice to Meet You

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope everybody has a wonderful holiday weekend. This year has gotten off to a pretty good start:

-We rang in the New Year with our friends Bryan and Melissa, watching the VA Tech bowl game, eating, drinking and laughing...a LOT

-Friday we visited my brother, sister in law and my two adorable nieces for our belated Christmas celebration. My nieces are still cute as ever and it's amazing how well the 5 year old can cheat at games already...she's just like her father.

-Saturday had a belated Christmas celebration with Kristian's dads side of the family. They even let me enter the all-male Acey Ducey tournament which was a big honor since as far as I know I'm the only female ever to compete. Unfortunately I lost out in the first round to my future husband.

-Sunday, took down the Christmas decorations *sad face*, cleaned the house and made a pretty kick ass Veggie Lasagna together.

Oh and I finished reading Twilight and I'm 250 pages into New Moon. I have to say I'm back on Team Edward....swoon.

As for the New Year I don't really like coming up with resolutions since most of the time they are broken within a month or less however my goals are pretty standard:

-Get in shape (having the wedding in 4 1/2 months is pretty good motivation for this)

-Budget better and save more (again the wedding is basically making this essential)

-Spend more quality time with the boy and away from distractions i.e. TV, Internet etc.

-Stay in better touch with my friends and family...maybe even getting over my aversion to the phone and call them every now and then

-Learn to deal with my anxiety and not let the little things stress me out so much.

The next 4 months are going to be a whirlwind. I'm both nervous and excited but mainly I'm just trying to live in the moment and enjoy the ride.


brittany said...

amen to those last two. happy new year lady!

Marian said...

The staying in better touch with friends and family is a good goal. I should add that to mine as well.

And seriously, 2010 is going to go so fast. We should take time to breathe and enjoy every second of it. EEeeekksss

Gracie said...

Very exciting year! I hope you are able to achieve all your goals! And wheee for getting married this year! x

bananas. said...


enjoy the ride...because 2010 is going to be an amazing year for you. i feel so lucky to be a part of your journey :)

happy new year honey!

Annie said...

happy new year!!
best of luck with your goals!! you have such an exciting year ahead of you!!

Chocolate Lover said...

I hope you have an awesome 2010!

Ela said...

Enjoy the ride, you couldn't have said it better, hon. Eek, these 4 months are going to fly by! Can't wait to see them unforld with you :)

Kristin said...

Happy new year. So happy to hear how lovely your holidays were! I think not letting the little things get to you is one fabulous idea!

Elizabeth Marie said...

It's going to be FABULOUS!! I am so excited we're friends and you stay in touch just fine with me so don't worry hahaha :)

Enjoy every moment of this! LOVE YOU!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Four months?! That will be here before you know it! Use that little white dress as motivation, cause after the wedding scary things happen when you get on the scale!

d.a.r. said...

Love the last two!!!!