Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This week I'm saying So What if:

-I tried doing a sock bun for the first time today. I've seen this all over the Internet for MONTHS but never tried it until this morning. And yes I cut up one of my husbands socks to do it. It actually worked really well and looks good except I'm not used to having such a big bun on top of my head. 

-I can't seem to stop ordering summer clothes online for Hunter. Granted I don't have much of a choice because the kid DOES need new clothes for the spring/summer since he's outgrown everything. Fortunately I've been able to get some good deals and use a few old gift cards so I haven't spent TOO much money. 

-Having to order everything in a 3T to insure it lasts him through the summer makes me want to cry a little. 

-I stayed up past my bedtime on Monday to watch that trainwreck of a Bachelor finale. I actually think it's more realistic to not propose or even say I Love You to someone after only dating a few weeks (while simultaneously dating other women) BUT Jauny P really was a dick about how he handled the whole situation. Clare dodged a bullet and Nikki needs to run far away, even his own family was trying to warn them away from him. 

-If this past weekend was the first time I've washed a car (by myself with an actual hose and stuff) since I was a little kid helping my parents wash their car. Usually I just go through the car wash or have Kristian do it but he can't really do it while he's recovering and I didn't want to wait in a 2 hour line with every other person wanting to wash all the snow/salt off their cars during the nice weather. I also wanted to clean out the inside of the car which I did and it's SO much nicer now. 

-I'm a bit obsessed with wearing my husbands shirts around the house and to bed, there are two in particular that I love to wear and we will literally fight over them. I try to tell him that wearing them just makes me feel close to him. haha. They are actually just super comfy. 

-I'm incredibly frustrated that Hunter refuses to go on the potty at home. He apparently has no problem going at school and will go multiple times a day but won't do it at home. He sits on it fine and will even ask to sit on it but after a minute or so he says "All done" (without having done anything) and ask for his diaper (and then go in the diaper). I don't want to force him and make it a traumatic thing but it's getting annoying.

-I FINALLY finished Hunters 2 year photobook. Now I'm just waiting for a sale before ordering. I refuse to pay $100 for it. 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i LOVE the sock bun and i was so surprised that it worked without any pins.

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

Fiona said...

Oh my gosh, I couldn't agree more about the Bachelor finale. Uggggg. I agree that it is weird to be engaged after that point but still hated how he acted. I don't really like Nikki either so I guess they can be together. Hoping the next season with Andi is better!

Heather said...

I'd love to try a sock bun. Glad yours came out great!

Stephanie Cox said...

I need to get Connor some shorts for the summer, any suggestion on where to get them that won't cost me an arm and a leg?

I need to get Connor's first year book together but other than mentioning it here, I have no clue where to start.

Venassa said...

I REALLY need to clean my car but I keep forgetting. Luckily the lines aren't usually too bad around here because I'd never wash it myself. It wouldn't be warm enough for that until June.
Chloe's into a lot of size 3t right now and she's petite. It makes me sad :( It's harder to find bigger toddler clothes used, I find, and I love second hand shopping.

Shannon said...

I've been buying Taylor 3T on the bottom and 4T on the top because my daughter still has a HUGE toddler belly. Oy. Not a good look, little girl.

Also, post pictures of the sock bun please!

Liz said...

Where are you ordering his books from? Do you like them? I struggle finding good quality photo books!