Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Highlights

--Started painting the baby's room! We still have a lot to do but so far we both like the main color we picked.

--While at Lowe's getting the paint the cashier told me I looked very big and asked if I was having twins. Kristian didn't know whether to laugh or tell her off, it was the first time he's been there when someone has said something stupid like that.

--In order to paint we had to move a lot of the baby stuff out of the room, we put the bassinet we got from a friend in our bedroom by the window. Last night our cat Halpert slept in it. All Night.

--Kristian's best friend came over Saturday to watch football and normally he just brings beer when he comes over, this time he hooked up the pregnant lady with some Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Brownie ice cream. I didn't feel like I needed to share it either, after all, I'm not drinking their beer am I?

--My Sister-In-Law decided to clean out her closet and I scored some new clothes, some of which I can even wear now and a new Tory Burch and Coach purse. It's nice having a SIL that only buys name brand, especially since I basically only buy Target, Old Navy, Forever 21.

--While at my Mother-in-laws house going through the clothes she showed me the diaper wreath and diaper cake she made for my baby shower in two weeks. They are both SOOOO cute. She did an amazing job and the cake is HUGE and loaded with baby goodies that she used to decorate it. I told her I almost don't want to take it apart to use the stuff but rather just keep it as decoration in the nursery.

--I spent most of my weekend trying to play catch up on my DVR. Now that all of the fall shows are back my DVR is getting a work out.

--Kristian made a deer stew for dinner last night using defrosted meat from a deer he killed last year. I normally don't eat deer meat, not because it doesn't taste good. It actually tastes really good but it's a mental thing, I don't want to eat Bambi. Anyways, I did suck it up and have a couple bites of the deer meat because Kristian wanted his son to have some in the hopes that he'll like it once he's older. I think the baby liked it because he was kicking up a storm afterwards.


K said...

Completely hear you about the venison. I refused to try it forever until my Fiance literally shoved it in my mouth. It is delicious. So, I rationalize it by thinking that all meat comes prepackaged like you see in the store and you just pick it off a tree like fruit. Delusional? Yes. Does it work? Eh, most of the time.

KLaw said...

Eeeek!! I just cannot tell you how excited I am go come up there and see this belly in person. Deer meat? Blech!

Heather said...

How exciting to start painting the baby's room!

april said...

Oh, load up the DVR! I was only sorry I didn't. Late night feedings were hard to stay awake through with nothing to watch. Now we have the DVR and I have an ereader which only takes one hand so I'm all set if we decide to have another.

I love the nesting period. Wait until you have all those shower goodies to wash and put away. :) I made a diaper cake for my SIL and it's a load of fun and helpful for the new mommies.

Nicole-Lynn said...

What color did y'all decide on for the nursery? Looking forward to seeing it all finished! How exciting!

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